The rivals

chapter 1 - the rivals

Sam was once a high school jock. He worked out everyday, ate right, and stayed active. After marrying his high school crush, Cassie, things were never the same.
Cassie always liked bigger men. She always dreamed of using that soft cushion of lard for everything, which is why she made sure she would fatten Sam up. The two have only been married for three months now, but Cassie already managed to add 30 pounds of fat on him. Sam was aware of what she was doing, and since it made her happy, he went along with it. He still occasionally exercised to stay healthy, but for the most part, Sam just stayed home watching TV and eating food. Cassie already made a fortune by owning a multi-million company, so buying the food wasn't a problem at all. It was almost like a dream for Cassie. But Cassie always dreamt of feeding not just one, but two people and make them both enormous; however, it was just a fantasy...
A week had passed since their two month anniversary. Sam had decided to go hang out with his rival, Mark, since he hasn't seen him since his wedding day. The two are friendly rivals and would basically challenge each other to do anything. The whole reason Sam became a gym rat was because Mark challenged Sam that whoever would get a six pack first was the winner. There wasn't really any prize at the end. For the most part, they always did these sort of things just for fun.

"Wow! You've gained quite a bit of weight, Sam!" Mark exclaimed as his new chubby friend walked into his home.
"I know. Cassie fed me too well," Sam said awkwardly.
"Come in dude," Mark said.
The two walked inside and sat down on the nearest sofa.
"Wow," Mark said. "You just look... huge!"
"Seems like all you're staring at is my belly! Too bad you'll never be able to get a belly like this," Sam said.
"Dude, yes I can. Easy! If I had the same amount of food you eat everyday, I could totally out eat you!" Mark said.
Sam raised an eyebrow. "Is that a challenge?" Sam asked.
Mark smiled, "You're on!" Mark shaked Sam's hand. "Call Cassie. Have her bring a lot of food here. I can't wait to see the look on your face when I win!"
"Before I call, what should be our goal? Should we stop a certain number of pounds?" Sam asked.
"Let's just see who could get bigger. Let's not worry about numbers."
"Alright, I'll call Cassie," Sam smirked.

Cassie showed up at the house an hour later. She walked inside the house and greeted the two boys.
"What took you so long? I'm starving!" Mark exclaimed.
"I spent some time getting some food for you guys!" Cassie said.
"Well, where is it?" Sam asked.
Cassie smiled then clapped her hands. Ten men entered the room with trays and boxes in their hands.
The first and second man entered with two boxes each and in each box there were a dozen doughnuts. The third and fourth men entered with a box of pizza each. The fifth man entered with a tray of cupcakes, and the sixth man entered with a big piece of cake. The seventh man entered with pies, and the eighth man entered with cheesecakes. And finally, the ninth and tenth men entered with piles of junk food, like chips, crackers, and candy.
"I hope you boys were hungry because this is your first course meal! There's going to be plenty of more where this came from. I'll be back in a couple of hours with more food. Have fun and don't grow too big while I'm gone!" Cassie said as she left the room with the ten other caterers.
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