The chef

chapter 1

It was a cold winter morning. Jake awoke from the loud storm outside. He looked to his right side and saw, to his surprise, that Mya, his wife, was not next to her. Maybe she was preparing breakfast. His stomach growled. He looked down at his squishy belly. He rubbed it for a while, then stood up. He wore his robe and headed out to the kitchen.
On his way there, a rich aroma hit his nose. What could be that amazing smell? He followed the scent and found himself standing in the dining room. Mya was there eating a pancake with thick syrup and creamy butter. Across from her was an empty seat and a stack of pancakes alongside the syrup bottle and the jar of butter.
"Good morning sleepy head," Mya said to Jake.
"Good morning Mya," Jake said as he went toward her. He gave her a kiss and quickly went to the pancakes. He spread the butter (a little too much) onto the pancakes and poured just the right amount of syrup on the pancakes and began to eat.
"So how was work the other day?" Jake asked.
"Not so great," Mya began. "I had to fire one of my best employees. She had been taking money from the register for over a week now. We're still trying to find someone to replace her."
"Sorry to hear about that."
"Yea, it's fine. Don't worry too much about it."
Jake took a big bite from the pancake, which made Mya let out a smile.
"Jake, relax! The food isn't going anywhere!" she exclaimed.
"I can't help myself! Your cooking is too good!" Jake replied.
"That's why I became a chef," she smirked. She stood up and went toward Jake. "And besides, someone has got to feed you." Mya leaned over a squished Jake's belly. "And I know, you'll never do that!"
"And why is that?" Jake laughed.
"Because you're lazy as ***!"
Jake couldn't help but laugh.
"It's true. You sit on your ass all day and eat food!"
"For your information, I work at the office. I don't just eat there!"
"Gordon told me that you work 10% of the time you're there, and you spend the rest of your time eating!"
"I told him to keep his mouth shut!"
"But he didn't fatty! Finish up your pancakes. You're going to get hungry when you go to work for some more food."
"All this teasing is just making me even more hungry."
"That's not my problem."
Mya left the house and went to work.
Jake finished his breakfast. It was an hour till nine. Jake grabbed a thick coat from the closet and headed off to work.

"What's up my man?" Gordon asked Jake.
Jake walked in the office covered in snow.
"Hey Gordon," Jake panted.
"What's the matter big guy?" Gordon asked.
"I'm not in the best shape right... now... ugh..." Jake replied. "I think I've put a few more extra pounds in me than I expected."
"Of course you have mate. Look at yourself."
Jake never really stopped and payed attention to his weight. Sure he knew he gained a few pounds, but he never spent any time to look at himself. He looked at the closest mirror by him. His shirt showed a lot of his layers. You could see small moob pouches on his chest. He turned around and saw his thick thighs. His butt stretched out a bit more than he remembered as well.
"Wow Gordon you're right," Jake said as he looked at the tall Australian.
"Aww, cheer up mate. There's nothing wrong with gaining weight," Gordon said.
"I don't know. Maybe I should eat less," he said.
"No can do buddy," Gordon said.
"Why not?" Jake questioned.
"Because the guys and I set up an eating contest between you and the new guy!"
"Wait. The English guy?"
"Yea. He says he has a huge appetite, but we told him you could easily eat more than him."
"And then what happened?"
"He challenged you. He's a rich guy, I guess. Bought over a ten box of a dozen doughnuts."
"Ten?" Jake couldn't believe it.
"Come on! The challenge is going to begin soon.!"
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