Mountain magic

chapter 1

I lean on my just finished deck railing soaking in the view of the side-lit oaks and madrones carpeting the canyon below. Their scent pleasantly mingles with the piney tang of fresh cut lumber as I nursed my third beer. It had been a long, hot day and I look forward to an equally long soak in my hot tub after an equally long shower. I reach over to check the tub's slowly rising water temperature and as I do so, I feel my empty belly sway beneath me. I had stripped off my sweat-soaked shirt hours ago and the warm breeze was a blessed relief to my sunburned skin as it signaled the approaching evening.

For once today everything had gone right. I finally escaped my clients and shut down my digital presence in the pre-dawn hours of a Friday morning. Loaded my motorcycle, and rolling it out in to the still, city morning I enjoyed a fabulous and traffic free, three hour ride to this, my weekend retreat. My own fortress of solitude, I thought with a grin.

I stand, stretching my sore muscles, feeling the mountain air curl around my belly. I am a big man, 5' 11" and by now around 390 I muse, feeling the softening sides of my naked stomach. Maybe 395, with the thick neck, muscular thighs and broad shoulders of an ex-jock. Getting fat all right, I think to myself. It all seems to go to my a high, firm belly, deep overhang and soft man breasts, the latter I prefer to keep covered up. But up here I am alone with no one around to give me grief over the size and shape of my body except squirrels, bluejays and the occasional deer.

With a grunt I reach under my belly to undo my tool belt. I enjoy wearing it as I do all my belts. All are as wide and stiff as I can find them. And as low and as tight as I can stand them. I'm convinced their tightness and width keeps the fat from collecting on my pubic area, forcing any growth to swell up and over. A small vanity I chide myself. And look what has happened...I certainly have paid for my indulgences with this massive gut.

But I am content. Letting my sweat and sawdust encrusted tool belt slip to the cabin deck, I suddenly realized the entire, planless weekend was yet ahead of me, the cabin's refrigerator groaning with food, destined to endlessly fill this growing gut of mine. I sigh with pleasure and lean on the railing again, feeling the front of my work jeans brush the underside of my naked belly and drink in the serenity of the forest. Suddenly I hear a slight creak of the decking behind me. But before I can turn toward the sound I feel small hands tracing the soft swell of my love handles and around me until they meet in front, and cradle my hanging belly.

With a smile I say softly, "I thought you'd never get here."

"Babe...I'm definitely here. I want to be straddling your lap in that hot tub, facing you, with your cock growing under your big soft belly, achingly trapped under your low hanging chub - too far away from my smooth wetness. I want to kiss and suck on your tongue, your lips, rubbing my hands and breasts all over you as I suck your earlopes and roll your man nipples into my mouth like a starving kitten suckeling. I want to rub my breasts and stomach, arms and inner thighs everywhere on your body. I want to spend all weekend exploring ever inch of your soft curving flesh."

"I'll take that to mean you are glad to see me!" I lean down pretending to retrieve something from the pocket of my shorts, pinning your arms under my belly. I pause briefly, feeling your round breasts press into my back. Suddenly straightening, I turn in your arms and press you into my softness. You glimpse a metallic glitter flashing in the setting sun as I flick open my buck knife and in a heartbeat, I have slit your shirt front, sending your buttons spinning into the forest below. Your breasts are full and ripe. I nuzzle your hardening nipples. "The tub's not ready yet lover, and neither are you" I smile as I watch your eyes close in anticipation. I continue down both legs and an instant later your levis are also in rags at your feet and your nipples are like pink granite nubs in the evening breeze. You quiver as I press my belly into you again, your hands shakily reaching for me. I lick my fingers on my right hand and run them down your muscular front to cover your shaved pubis. I can feel your lips moist and swelling as I slide my ring and index fingers up and into your vagina. I begin to gently rub just above your clit with the heel of my palm. You moan deeply and, as you begin to feel light headed and begin to slump backwards, I catch you with my left, cradling your neck and shoulders.
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FrecherTyp 8 years
mhm interesting .....:-) i like her approach ...please write more and ket him try to resist a little with secret exercises ^^
Chubbybellygirl 12 years
Another hot tale of fat love. I'm busy reading all your stories..
15 years
wow, never knew being out in the woods could be so romantic, where is my mountain man?, great detail, write more please!smiley