My ex-boyfriend and my next boyfriend

Chapter 1 - did he enjoy getting fat?

Poor boy, and now he has left me. I fattened him up, and he couldn't take any more. I am not one to get turned on by numbers or sizes, but his body did pass from having hard abs to having a big round soft belly, and I loved to tease him.

Perhaps I teased him too much, I don't know. He was 35, and I was 19 when we first met - one reason he got so fat so fast. He was at the perfect age to fatten up, and I used all my charms on him to persuade him to eat, eat, eat....

And I would chide him, "Ooooh, don't go play tennis. Be with me for a while." Or "You don't need to go to the gym. Let's have a workout in bed, hun."

But of course, I was the only one who was really working out in bed. I made sure of that. He would, like most men, start out on top, but soon I had him motionless beneath me as I grinded myself into that belly he was growing. Oh, that belly, sex with that belly was yummy!

Actually, he wasn't growing that belly, I was. I was growing a belly on him, and it felt so wonderful.

The weight piles on so swiftly when you are over 30. Aww, but I loved him for it. My hourglass figure entranced him, with my big hips and boobs and nice curves. His waistline never stood a chance.

When he took me out, I always made a big deal about ordering. "I know best," I would boast. "Let me order what's good for you." He agreed, and I would order the most fattening foods on the menu.

Around the apartment, I kept all his favorite snacks around, just within his reach, so that while he watched TV or played video games, he could just mindlessly nibble. He used to boast that he never watched TV or played video games, but I changed him, made him enjoy these things, and soon, he was hooked, just like he was hooked on me - and on overeating.

At first, I watched TV with him, lying on top of his masculine slender body, or I would get him to play video games with me. But soon, he just gravitated to these physically unfit activities on his own. Probably because he had started getting lazier. And fatter.

While he watched TV or played games, I would bake and cook for him almost constantly - very delicious filling foods, all his favorites. And I would serve him, and he would sit and mindlessly snack, never aware of my motives.

My hourglass figure worked well for me, but the hourglass of time was working against him. His middle-age body was primed perfectly to pack on the pounds, and soon, he was getting quite large.

He was addicted to all that food - and to my boobs as well. Oh, I am a bit embarrassed to talk about that. He loved to suck my nipples, like a big fat baby boy. I would put ice cream and Nutella on my nipples, and he would suckle me like a little suckling piglet.

Sometimes, I would just coo to him from the kitchen, and he would enter to see me naked, spread out on the table with whipped cream and strawberries covering me. And he loved to lick me clean -- all over!

Who would imagine that such a muscular jock kind of guy would actually be a glutton! I really enjoyed cooking for him. I always cooked for him, then I would caress him as I fed him. I spoiled him so much.

But did he enjoy getting fat?!

No, I don't think so. My heart is breaking because he is gone now.

(to be continued)
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FrecherTyp 3 years
Isn´t there any sweet girl out there whom i would just been unable to resist plaing such a romantic and sweet weight gain life with a happy ongoing ^^? if please drop me a line ;-) or else lol
Zurea 8 years
Love this, you always remind me how much I love to cook for others.
GrowingLoveH... 8 years
Thanks, mdc123! Great to see a female feeder chiming in on this, and I appreciate your kind words.
Mdc123 8 years
Love it!
GrowingLoveH... 8 years
I really value a comment from Fiji! Thanks, fellow writer!
GrowingLoveH... 8 years
Thanks so much for the comments!
Jktab 8 years
FrecherTyp 8 years
what a naughty little grl she is ;-) tsk tsk

and a very sexy story hmmm...maybe i should go playing tennies again ;-)