My plans for you

Chapter 1 - ruining your figure

You are interested in BDSM and perhaps gaining weight? Maybe being forced to grow fat even?

Excellent... excellent....

Well, I think of BDSM as kind of a slippery slope thing when it comes to forcing weight gain upon someone like you.

First, I would certainly try to get your cooperation, and I would overcome your senses with all manner of pleasures (sexual and gustatory). I think it's best for me to keep the "control" aspect of this to helping you lose control of your appetite and your weight gain.

So cooking, baking, serving you the finest of foods would be the first strategy. I would tempt you with all manner of your favorite foods, with wondrous aromas to heighten your sense of taste, with foods which taste so good you find it difficult not to overeat. I would find all about your likes and dislikes, what your body so desires food-wise -- and sexually.

I would tempt you to stuff that slim little tummy quite full, and I would help, sometimes taking the spoon and fork in hand to give your arms a rest. You will be dazzled and dazed by the stuffing sessions, training for what is to come. And you will start enjoying that full-full belly feeling, when you have overeaten, when the skin on your belly is stretched to the max, when I can cradle your bowling-ball gut in my hands and smile lovingly at you.

Lovingly, I said? Yes, lovingly? Because, though this may seem a cruel thing -- to force you to gain weight -- I know that deep down in your heart, this is what you want more than anything else.

For these reasons, you would not realize my motivations until it is too late. I would try to keep you off-kilter on the manner of gaining weight. I would not remark upon your getting fat, and if you said something about it, I would ply you with more tempting goodies.

But also, I would "feed" your inner hedonist as much as possible. I would make life easy for you. And I would make it exciting for you, giving you all that you've ever dreamed of sexually -- If it's oral sex, you crave, I have a tongue and lips which can dance so erotically between your plumpening thighs, you will never know what hit you. If you crave any other sexual pleasures, I will find out what they are, and I will satisfy them. If you crave perverse sensual joys, then so be it. I will be there to satisfy your cravings.

Well, not just satisfy them, because this kind of pleasure is only temporary, is it not? I would keep you at a level of arousal where you would barely be shuddering from an orgasm before your body would start craving the next one.

And then, I would be there, ready to feed you up some more -- with the implicit understanding that the more you eat for me, the more magical things I will do for your body -- a body more turned-on than it ever has been before.

We are, in the end, merely pleasure-seeking creatures, and tying together the ancient desire to fill one's belly and the primitive fleshy desires for sex, all this rolled into one decadent ball of lust and gluttony, that ball will roll to the ultimate fattening of your body.

I will be there to assist you in the ruination of your body. I will be there to rub your belly to help make more room for ever-increasing amounts of food. The more we stretch that belly, the more room there is for food, the more food we can put into it, and then it will be stretched even more, then more food, then more stretching of your gut...

Well, you see where this will end -- with you becoming first a bit plump, then chubby, then outright fat!
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FrecherTyp 2 years
Ok so if any cute girl/woman would try this with me please send this message immediately ;-) lol
just like to read it again sometimes ^^
Tommmy 4 years
OMG. I love this story. I want that
Zurea 8 years
Already felt like we have something in common, love the perspective most of all ~
FrecherTyp 8 years
oh i hope just the beginning ;-) great as always
Moonsilk 8 years
Hmmm, so hot
Tommmy 8 years
This is a wonderful beginning. Please PLEASE continue it soon and often. I love your style of writing very much
Hereiam 8 years
My favorite writer on here strikes again with a wonderfully erotic offering!! Would love to have read a bit more about how huge and helpless she under the hand of her temptress. Fantastic stuff!!
Plumpfaerie 8 years
Amazing!! So sensual smiley
Eponymous 8 years
Excellent as usual