Once a spoilt brat, always a spoilt brat

chapter 1: prologue

Jenny Green grew up wealthy. Her dad had started a business after he had left Uni and, despite not really knowing exactly what he did, Jenny knew the family were multi-millionaires. She was always spoilt as a child: having better phones than the other children; being driven to her expensive private school in flashy sports-cars; even going on out-of-this-world holidays to exotic countries only to sit by the pool for 2 weeks whilst her dad took business calls all day. And boy, did she absolutely lap up the lifestyle she was granted.

Despite her lavish privilege, Jenny found herself growing ever-more frustrated as she grew older over how controlling her dad was. She was an inherently lazy person, but through school and the pushiness of her parents always found herself forced to compete at various sports. Equestrianism was her favourite, as all she had to do was sit on a horse and let the animal do the physical work, but her parents preferred her to be a swimmer. She was very naturally talented, so always found herself competing at a high level, and whilst she enjoyed the social aspect of swimming, she couldn't wait until she could give it up.

Jenny was accepted to Oxford University to study Maths for a variety of reasons. She was clever and good with numbers, but nothing extraordinary, and her school made sure she ticked the correct boxes. Unbeknownst to her, however, her acceptance coincided strongly with a large donation her dad had made to the Maths department a few months prior...

Nevertheless, Jenny was absolutely ecstatic at the thought of going to Uni. Independence! She knew her parents would pay for her to sign up to the swim team and expect her to continue to swim, but she had very little intention of meeting their wishes.

Since she had turned 16, she found herself pudging up a bit. She always had a big appetite, and played it off to her parents as being hungry because she was growing, but in reality it was because she loved to eat. By the time she turned 18 and was preparing to say goodbye to her friends at swimming and depart for Uni, she was noticeably larger than the other girls in the swim team. In team photos, her chest was not flat like the other, more athletic girls: on the contrary she had the beginnings of noticeable cleavage even in the unsupportive swimming costume she wore. Her thighs were large, and touched slightly around the material of the costume beneath her crotch. You couldn't see in the photo, but the back of the swimming costume dug gently into the soft flesh of her growing ass.

"Try not to come back too much faster than us!" Her friends joked, referencing the far superior swimmers they assumed she would be swimming with.

"Haha, I'm sure I won't," Jenny chuckled, fully aware that she would come back having been focusing her efforts on something completely different that would make her something very similar to "faster".
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