Pantyhose piggy, trapped in rubber.

chapter 1

The fatty stood staring down at the rubber looking sack on the floor, his bed.
It was a vac bed. A rubber sack that you went into and sucked out the air leaving you trapped in whatever position you are lying in. It was a giant shiny rectangle. His master smiled at the expression on the fat boys face. He loved seeing his pig squirming once he was trapped inside it. He loved playing with his rubber covered belly, poking it and slapping it. It was so smooth and soft.

"You ready piggy hehe" the fat boys eyes pleaded with him, but the master didn't care.

"Get in the bathroom and empty your self piggy" he said laughing, looking forward to wants about to come.

The piggy obeyed and came back about ten minutes later, he was nervous.

"You nice and empty piggy" he said slapping the fatties belly. The pig dreaded what was about to happen. Even though he always enjoyed every second of it.

"Hehe now lets get this into you" he held up a butt plug. It was a special one that could vibrate, shock and expand. It was connected to the masters computer he could set it to come on and do anything he wanted, once it was inside his pig.
The fatty looked at the plug and his winky grew again. He loved the plug, he was never sure if he would like stuff up there. But the first time the master put it in him, he loved it. If felt great having his butt hole stuffed, he felt empty when his master removed it after having it in for prolonged times.
The fat boy bent over waiting, his master went behind him.

"Take off the pantyhose and Spread those cheeks again boy and if you need to fart do it now. This ain't coming out for a while hehe" the pig blushed.

"I do master, I need to fart"

"Go on then piggy, let that fat butt toot"
The piggy tried but was to nervous, he gave it a minute.

"Hurry up then fatty, get those cheeks flapping, or do you need a hand again fat boy" he winked at the fatty struggling to fart.

"Yes master, I need to to help me. Rub my belly and make me fart" said the piggy.

The master bent down to rub the pigs belly, lifting it up and down. He heard a rumble. Then a huge fart erupted from the fat boys butt. It was muffled due to the pantyhose and his whole butt shook.
His master rubbed the pigs pantyhose covered ass.

"Mmmm I bet your glad you never held that in. Now fatty lets get this butt hole stretched" the master started to Insert it.

He felt the plug getting pushed between his blubbery cheeks, it went deeper and deeper until it touched his butt hole. The pig moaned.

"Ohhhh mmmmmm"

"Your enjoying this aren't you fatty"

"Mmmmmmmm" groaned the pig

His master pushed it into the pigs hole, the groans and moans got significantly louder. The master pumped up the plug a bit. He smiled looking at the pigs stretched butt hole twitch around the plug. His fatty was in heaven. His master slapped his plugged butt, the pig moaned in pleasure.

"Now piggy time to get your chastity belt on that little willy hehe" he held up the chastity device. Like the plug he could send shocks through the device through his computer. This the piggy hated. The device would shock his winky and his balls. The shocks were just enough to keep him hard, but never let him cum. It was hell for the piggy.
His master fitted the device around his fat pigs ween. He giggled at having to handle such a little willy. How could a fully grown man have such a tiny wee wee he thought. The giggling was making his fat boy feel uncomfortable. Knowing he was giggling at his small willy.

"Now fatty, get in the sack" he looked at his pig. His butt hole stretched and a chastity device around his little sissy ween.

"Pleases master I.........." He begged

"You what fat boy, you want this? I know you do blubber gut. I saw how hard you winky was while I was fitting your chastity device, and those noises you were making when I was inserting the plug. They made me hard and I bet you too" he said rubbing his piggy a belly.

"Now get in fatso, I can't wait to hear the moaning you'll be doing in a minute"

The big naked jelly belly obeyed and got down into the rubber sack. He lay on his back, his huge fat belly helplessly sticking in the air, wobbling as his fat settled.
His master got set to work sealing him in the loose bag and putting his face through the whole. He looked at his pigs face.

"Your face is looking so fat now." He said grabbing a pinch of his fat boys flabby chin.

"Now stretch out your arms and legs I'm starting the pump"

It took a few minutes for the air to get sucked out of the bag. The pig felt the rubber getting tighter and tighter around his bloated form. Once it was done his master looked at him, he looked huge, a fat tub of lard. He went over and slapped the rubber covered jelly belly. He put both hands on the sides of his belly and rocked it back and forth, watching the satisfying wobble.
The pig was trapped now, all he could do was look up. He saw a thing he'd never seen before. It was a huge square bit of material hanging from the roof.
His master wheeled over a trolley with all sorts of pipes and tanks. On the end of one of the hoses there was a mask, he fitted it on the trapped fatty. The devices on the trolley were also connected to the masters computer. He could administer a feeding to his pig at anytime.
The master had a busy night planed out for his fatty. He set the times on the devices to go on for twenty minutes every hour, they would shock him and keep him hard. The plug in his butt would expand and vibrate. Both things would start at once after a buzzing sound, to give him a chance to panic about the on coming zaps.
Then there was the feeding machine, that would start a few minutes later. He would have to watch helplessly as the fattening shake went down the tubes, and into his mouth were it would then go into his fat growing belly.

"There that's you safe and sound hehe. Now I bet your wondering what this is" his master looked up.
He pulled down the sheet and revealed what was up there. It was a huge mirror. The pigs eyes went wide. He'd never seen himself in the vac bed. He looked like a fat black shiny blob with a white chubby face peeking out .

"Now that's you ready for bed, there only one thing to do now" he walked over to his computer.

The helpless fatty moaned.

"Nnnnnnnnn puweeeez nnnn" his words were muffled by the mask. Then he heard the first buzz, to tell him the shock were coming.
He started to squirm and fight to get away from the on coming zaps. But the vac bed had him trapped, he could barely move his arms or legs. He couldn't even move his torso or pelvic region as he was too fat. His master watched him squirm, wiggle and groan, and the shocks hadn't even started yet.

"Ohhh fatty, you ready for this!"

"No no please I'm not ready, don't leave me like this all ni......." His muffled words were cut off by a huge sudden groan. The devices kicked in shocking his wee wee, balls and butt hole.
His squirming got frantic as he tried to escape the shocks. If that wasn't bad enough, the butt plug between his cheeks expanded. It expanded so much, his butt hole was so stretched it couldn't even twitch.
Then on top of that, the feeding machine started. He saw the shake make its way down the tube, he had no way of stopping it. He looked at the mirror, watching himself getting force fed in a prison of rubber, a helpless blob squirming as his belly gets filled. More and more of the shack made its way down the tube, the only thing he could do was drink it all down.

"Ohhhh look at you my big piggy, so much shake going into that belly. It's so hot, thinking all this is going in this big jelly belly, making it even fatter" he rubbed his squirming pigs belly.

"Mmmmmmmmm" he moaned

"Yeah piggy, enjoy. Fill that fat belly of yours. Get big and fat for me, grow that belly. Get those boobs big and floppy. Pork up that huge butt." His master said still rubbing his huge belly. His pig moaned in response.

"Anyway in off to bed fatty, it's been a long say. Enjoy your sleep my big plump pig, see you In the morning"

"Mmmmnnnnnoooooo!!!" his piggy groaned. God he was so Horney, all he wanted to do was cum but he couldn't, the devices wouldn't allow it.

His master smiled at his pig as he looked him in the eyes. The pigs eyes begged. His eyes turned to horror as he watched his master leave the room and shut the door.

"No please I can't stand this, I need to cum, come back please. My belly is starting to get full" he looked at the tube and the shake pouring down it. He could t do anything to stop it as his belly filled to an uncomfortable amount. The rubber vac bag was feeling tight as his belly was getting stuffed, putting him in even more discomfort. The shocks through the butt plug and chastity device were still going on.
After the twenty minutes of squirming around in the vac bed he was tired, but couldn't sleep. He knew he had another twenty minutes coming up soon. He dreaded the next one, he was so sleepy and Horney, plus his belly felt so full. He didnt know if he could take another filling, but he had no choice but to drink it down.
He was about falling asleep when he heard.


His eyes flew open.

"Ahhh please no, no more I need sleep"

Then it all started again, by the end he was In tears. Mostly due to the sexual frustration. He never got to cum all day, he felt angry and upset as all men would. After it finished all the things he did during that day went through his head. The jiggling, slapping, farting and worst of all was the fact his dad had seen it.
He was tired, humiliated, stuffed full and aroused, and he still had four more cycles of this hell to go through.

"Mmmmnnnnnnnoooooo" he groaned when he heard the next buzz. He pathetically squirmed around trying to escape but being too tired and extremely fat, he made no progress. Plus it was impossible to e
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Potbellysissy 7 years
Hey, I ran out of letters in the 10th chapter, that's how it ends abruptly. I'll put the bit that couldn't fit into the next chapter.
Potbellysissy 7 years
Hey thanks for the comments, I'm glad your enjoying the story. I've had to break up chapter 4 so it will continue in chapter 5. I reached the max amount of words.
I hope you are all well.
Angerday 7 years
Perfect story - big fat sub edged, trapped in rubber and fed over and over - so hot! Thank you!
DikkeGert 7 years
I LOVE your stories about public fat shaming and humiliation. special the flash backs about piggy's youth.
Fatlilboy 7 years
You're so want you!!