Pantyhose piggy

chapter 1

His belly looked big and plump sitting there with the pantyhose over it. The belly was big and shiny looking in the light as he sat on the chair in front of the camera. The plump piggy moved around trying to get comfortable after the stuffing he just endured.
The pantyhose was so tight around his belly they were about tearing, but they held for now. He wished they would tear to relive the pressure around his gut. The thought of that happening made him moan. Thinking about his blubbery white belly pour out of the pantyhose, free, bare and ready for slapping.
He looked at the camera and blushed, thinking about everything that was recorded over the past few hours. The humiliating things he had to do and say as his master laughed and teased him. As his master called him names like "jelly belly", "fatty", "fat boobs". All the while poking and slapping his fat belly and rubbing his boobs that were trapped in a tight boob tube.
His master would record everything and make him watch himself doing all the humiliating things like confess that he's a big fat sissy pig, and jiggle all his fat while his master slaps his belly.
The pantyhose piggy has always been embarrassed by his growing body, which his master loves. He loves how fat his boobs looks in bras, how his blubbery belly looked squashed in his pantyhose. He takes his piggy out in pantyhose and a boob tube under his normal clothes that already show alot of fat. His t shirts are always too small to contain his huge blubber jelly belly. His master would instigate belly slaps and pats from strangers by mentioning his his pigs belly or slapping it himself in front of them. Then they would get in on the fun and slap and jiggle the warm soft belly as his face flushed red.
He thought of all this while he sat there in pantyhose and a boob tube in front of a camera looking like a fat blob. His mind always think "why am I doing this, why am I allowing him to do this too me. I'm getting so fat it's humiliating and I'm just keep getting fatter and I'm dressed like a sissy" his belly grumbled due to the stuffing. He moaned again as he tried to shift on the seat but it was hard to move when your cuffed to a chair with a belly full of food, wearing tight pantyhose.
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MikeTehCakeBoy 4 years
Super sexy!
Potbellysissy 7 years
Again sorry for the farting stuff, it just kind of went that way lol
Potbellysissy 7 years
This is my first attempt at a story. I enjoy all the stories on this site and wanted to contribute.