The jelly belly fitness camp

chapter 1

They were stood in a circle, ten big fat men of all sizes. Some were around 350lbs some were a lot bigger, around the 600lbs mark. They were wearing tight Lycra shorts, showing of all their flab, they were told to keep there belly hangs over there shorts. Eyes darted about, looking at each others obese body's, some of them stared at the ground, heads hanging low. None of them wanted to be here.

A new law was passed stating that anyone who was obese had to go to "The jelly belly fitness camp", if they failed to loose the goal weight they would be part of a parade that goes through towns and cities, showing to the world there obese overfed body's . It was to try and get obesity down by making people too scared to get fat. They gave people a year to loose there flab after revealing the new law.
If they didn't lose the weight after a year they had to, by law, register with the jelly belly fitness camp. If they didn't, they would get put in jail for two years without any kind of trial.
The jelly belly fitness camp was owned and organised by the government.

The men in the circle waited, they shuffled about uncomfortably. Most of them had never been so bare in front of another human being before. Usually a big bare belly is unwelcome by most people. The men's body's were big, even the smaller ones had huge bellies and man boobs, with big huge nipples of varying colours and shapes. Their belly buttons were different too ranging from deep, wide, squashed and vertical ones on the fattest guys. They were a beautiful bunch of blubbery fat boys, with big soft bellies.

The all flinched when they heard the door opening. Dreading what was to come. A young woman walked in followed by two muscly guys in what looked like a security uniform. The woman was about twenty four and was muscly herself, with zero body fat. She looked around at the fat men as she made her way to the centre of the circle. All the men looked away blushing as she looked them in the eyes.

"What a bunch of fatties you all are, you guys are huge. Hahaha, ohh dear, those bellies are fat, I mean look at that",
She walked over to one of the blushing fat men and grabbed his belly hang and jiggled it. The man stood there not being able to do a thing.
When they registered the had to sign a form, on it saying the fitness camp can do anything they want to them to help them loose weight. They had to also do anything the staff told them or they could get sent to jail, again without a trial.

The biggest of the guys. Tim, frank and Scott knew they weren't going to make the goal weight. It was 150lbs. They knew in about six months time they would be getting paraded though the towns and cities. The men tried through the year they had to shed some of there blubber, but they were too fat and lazy and when they did exercise they ended up eating the rest of the day, filling there already fat bellies. Now as they stood there knowing there fate, they wished they had done more to loose some of it. But now it was too late.

The staff there also knew the fattest guys wouldn't reach the goal, they never did. They liked having them there to inspire the the smaller fatties who could actually reach the goal. It showed them what they could be and what will happen to them if they get that fat. Plus it was always fun having a huge fatty to humiliate. As the contract said they could do anything to the fat men no natter how embarrassing, and if they complain or refuse to do what the staff tells them, then it was of to jail.

The woman let go of the belly hang and wandered about the circle poking and slapping the bare vulnerable bellies, while the men either looked at what she was doing or looking away. Giving the guy that was being slapped some sort of dignity. She shook her head and tutted as she went around.

"You fat boys should be ashamed of yourself, how did you all get so fat huh? You, tell me, how did you become such a big fatty.

She poked Scott in the middle of his blubbery belly, he winced at her touch. He didn't know what to say, plus the fact he was shy anyway and never liked people commenting on his weight, never mind having to explain it to someone. He froze, looking into the eyes of the woman standing in front of him, she scared him. She poked his belly some more, her pokes getting quicker, her finger pressing down more into the fat mans blubber filled belly.

"I...I've always been big" muttered Scott feeling his face flush even more and his eyes fell to the floor.

"But how did you get so big, you don't get fat breathing in air haha. So there must have been something making that fat belly of yours so big. Tell me fat man" she stared at him smirking.

"I eat and drink a lot, I'm always hungry too. I've always had a problem with my weight" he said, he felt like he was about to cry, he fought the feeling.

"Awwww were you a little fatty when you were young? I bet you were teased at school huh. Getting called names like piggy, lard tub, jelly belly, fat boobs. Did I get any right haha"

"Yes that's the kind of thing they called me, they also called me butterball, tubby and porky"

The fat man added the other names hoping it might end this line of questioning sooner.

"What name did you hate the most fatty"

"Umm ummm..... I hated getting called jelly belly"

"Aww why did you hate getting called that......... Jelly belly hehehe" she slapped him on his huge fat belly.

" it always made me feel ashamed because it was true. My belly has always looked like jelly. I've always hated saying the words jelly belly. I find it's a hard thing for me to say. I think because the word belly has haunted me my whole life, everyone I've ever known has always pointed at it saying your belly is getting big or that's one big belly"

"Poor fatty, well I bet your glad your at the jelly belly fitness camp, you'll get to hear the words jelly belly everyday, reminding you that your a big fatty hahah"

Scott was shocked at how she was treating him, why was she being so mean. Was this some kind of extreme humiliation method, he knew one thing for sure, he didn't like it.

"Anyway lets get you fat lot some exercise, you ain't going to loose that blubber talking about it. So lets get going fatties, I want to see those overfed body's bounce and wobble."

Jill motioned to the door and started walking towards it, the fat guys had no choice but to follow her.

"Oooooops I forgot to say , I'm Jill, your new worst nightmare. Hehe I know, a bit cliche huh?"

Jill looked at the fat men who had stopped when she started talking, they still had terrified faces.

"What's wrong, I thought fatties were meant to be jolly and laughed all the time."

She poked the nearest fat man in the belly button, he inadvertently let out a tiny feminine squeal as her finger went in deep.

"Awwww that was adorable, what's your name fat boy"

Jill asked as she reached up and pinched the fat man hanging double chin and gave it a small shake, he felt his whole fat face jiggle.

"Frank, my name is frank"

Frank was scared to say anything, especially the way she treated and spoke too scott.

"Do you alway squeal when you get your belly button poked"

Frank looked down, Jill's finger hovered a few centimetres away from his belly button.

"I...I...don't know, no one has ever poked me there until now"

Frank admitted, her finger started going in circles, it was still a few centimetres away. He sucked in his belly a bit in anticipation of the poke he knew was about to come.

"Don't suck in your fat belly, stick it out as far as you can fatty"

He did as he was told, he relaxed his belly. He felt vulnerable standing there with a woman's finger hovering about his big belly button.

"Now shut your eyes"

"Please is this really necessary....I" Frank said.

"Shut up fatty and close your eyes" He whimpered as he closed his eyes.

"What did I do to deserve this, just because I'm fat. In still human, I can't believe we're being treated like this. Forced to wear nothing but lycra shorts and getting our fat body's insulted and mocked. I feel soMmMmmmmm"

His thoughts were interrupted by a poke to his belly button, he again made a feminine squeal, but this one was louder. The poke went a lot deeper this time too touching the back of his belly button. Jill giggled. He kept his eyes closed, not wanting to accept what was happening.

"Look down fat man"

He did as he was told. He looked down to see her finger, still buried deep in his belly button. She wiggled her finger about In the blubbery hole.

"Such a deep big belly button you've got fat man. I could keep poking this huge crater all day, there so much fat around it. It's so fat and squishy. You know what I've just had an idea"

He felt her hook her finger in his belly button, he looked at her confused. Then she started to tug it a bit, he had no choice to move forward, she giggled.

"Right lets get those huge blubber butts moving and follow me"

Frank was mortified, here he was being led by a woman, pulling him along with her finger hooked in his belly button like he was being led on a leash. The other guys stared in disbelief at what they were witnessing. They all thought together, this is going to be a hard six months, and they weren't wrong.


She had them outside now, still in there Lycra shorts. They were being watched by many members of the staff.

"Now fat boys, this is the sports field and your all going to do laps until I say stop. So start moving"

The men all looked at one another, like frightened animals.

"I said go!!" The woman shouted at the fat guys. They started to do a form of running, It was like a running waddle. Their body's jiggled like jello when they ran, fat bellies jiggling and bouncing, slapping of there legs.
The woman watched them amused she liked the power of controlling these fat guys. How a young
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