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Chapter 1 - [1] first date

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My heart is pounding against my chest painfully, I glance repeatedly at the door, wondering if I was in a fantasy. I had only seen Pearl through images and was biting my lip at the thought of her beauty. Her stunning blue eyes were too mesmerising for me to ever forget them, and... well, her body was-

The door to the restaurant opens and a goddess enters, her skin tight dress uncontrollably jiggles and wobbles with every deep breath she takes, her large smooth thighs are revealed to the world and I'm itching to see how large she is from behind. She somehow looks more irresistibly cute in person, as well as a lot wider. I wave to her and leave my seat, I approach her to give a greeting hug but my arms weren't even close to wrapping around her, as our faces touch I feel her face getting hotter from a humiliated blush.

I lead the beauty to a desolate corner of the buffet, away from prying eyes. I help her squeeze into the largest booth, biting my lip as I begin to imagine the difficulty she will face with escaping her seat after a good meal. We speak briefly, no tension was in the air at all, we had already become so close over messaging that it didn't feel like a first date at all. However, it didn't take long for a loud, impatient growl to escape her gut. She giggles innocently, blushing slightly. "I think it's time to eat," she grins. I nod in agreement. Before she can begin trying to leave to get food I grab her plushy wrist and gently push her back onto her seat. Despite the push not containing much force, the mini couch groaned in pain as her backside flooded the entire surface, part of her left asscheek didn't quite fit into the wide chair, but I certainly wasn't complaining.

Before she could tell me what she wanted to eat, I put my finger to her lips and smiled. I feel the warmth from her body and she's slowly and heavily breathing, it was clear she was enjoying the dominance I was displaying. I slowly rise from the table and say, "I'll be right back."

I look back at her just before I turn the corner, admiring her figure. I could see the glint in her eyes from here, which I knew was a sign of greed and hunger. I find the largest tray available, one made for families of four. I arrange four large plates on to it and I begin to pile the plates with mountains of food. Steaming hot, greasy deep dished pizzas, huge servings of ramen of all different flavours, different meats cooked to the perfect degree among many other fattening meals for my piggy. I glance at the dessert bar but decide against it, the tray overflowing with food already. And I knew Pearl's appetite already, this wouldn't be enough for her. Desserts signify the end of the meal, which would make her think I'm underestimating her capabilities. But I was going to do the exact opposite, I was going to stuff her until she bursts out of her dress...

After laying the tray in front of her, I notice her mouth watering intensely, her eyes widened and her large chest bounced animatedly as she sat up. I took my seat and prepared for the destruction that was about to take place, no crumbs will be left behind when she's done, I already know. Pearl smiles sweetly as she begins to lift her fork, stabbing a fat, juicy sausage to begin the meal. Wanting to show off her immense greed to me, she squeezed the entire thing into her mouth. She giggled innocently when she saw my jaw drop and leaned back in her seat at an angle to let me get a better view of her belly, although it was still contained (barely) in her adorable white dress.

We didn't exchange any words for a while, I was in a trance. I watched her every move. Her eyes scanning the tray, deciding what to eat next, which was followed by a fast motion of her transporting the food from the large plate to her even larger stomach, she impatiently chewed every bite, longing for more. Her dress was becoming less capable of containing everything. I begin drooling as her stomach pokes out from underneath, the pale, doughy ball of lard still looked softer than silk, she definitely had a long way to go. Noticing her usually shy behaviour when it came to her public figure was overlapped by her hunger, I decide to ensure nobody was able to see her, luckily this part of the building was completely isolated, I had the view all to myself.

Pearl's dress had risen up to near her breasts when half of the food had been devoured, her enormous thighs were spread to make room for her tummy, which had also swallowed a chunk of the table, entirely covering the surface with her fat. Her face was pink, her breathing was heavy and soft moans escaped her lips. I couldn't help myself anymore, I reached towards her and felt her belly. The warm fat was extremely soft and inviting, almost as if it were alive. As she hadn't said anything I assumed she was okay with me touching her in this way. I buried my hand deeper and began to shake the mound of dough violently, her entire body jiggled like a mound of jelly and she burped abruptly. My face was very close to her deep, sexy belly button and I decided to quickly finger it. She moaned loudly and I looked up at her, I couldn't see much of her face as her huge tits were in the way but I could tell she was blushing. "Do you like that piggy?" She nodded excitedly, "Then keep eating," I smiled, "I know your fat ass isn't finished already."
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