chapter 1

He throws a miniskirt and a tube-top at her, both clearly too small for her.
"Put them on.", he demands.

She struggles to stand up, her stomach hanging in-between her plump thighs.
She finally manages to get to her feet, she's soaked in sweat now and breathing heavily.
"These are too small, I'll never fit into these..."

"Just shut up and put them on you fat ***ing pig."

She blushes, and bends over to pick up the clothes, grunting as she struggles to reach them.
She slips the tube-top over head, and stuffs her arms through. Every inch of her body
sloshing around. She pulls it down, and gets it as far as the middle of her stomach. She feels ashamed that
she's gotten so fat. But every bit of it turns her on. She steps into the centre of the skirt, bends down and pulls
it up as far as she can. The skirt stretches, and manages to cover only half of her huge ass.

"It's too tight I can't get this on."

She pulls up as hard as she can, it moves another inch upward, and gets stuck. The jean skirt digs into her
soft fleshy sides.

"Here this will help." He takes a pair of scissors and cuts up the sides of the skirt. Instantly she feels relief as
her body bounces back from being squeezed so tightly. She pulls the skirt the rest of the way up, and sighs with
relief as she lets out her breath.

"What a fat pig you've become, I bet your hungry aren't you piggy?" He pokes her large belly and his finger
sinks down to his knuckles.

She blushes and says sheepishly,"I am a little hungry."

Her stomach growls loudly, and he grins.

"You know what fat pigs have to say to get food right?"

She nods and says,"Please feed me."

"Not good enough, this time. Repeat after me. You're a fat pig."

"I'm a fat pig."

"You're my slave."

She hesitates for a moment and says,"I'm your slave."

"You're body and mind belong to me."

She looks up at him and says,"My body and mind belong to you."

He looks her up and down and says,"Good, now let's take you on a walk and show the world what a fat pig you are."

She's wants to protest but doesn't. She loves being humiliated, she craves it. He puts the collar around her neck
and hooks a leash to it.

"Get on all fours piggy. Pigs can't stand up and walk like people."

She obeys, and gets down on her hands and knees. Her stomach hangs to the ground.

"Now lets practice your oinking."

She looks up at him and starts oinking, even more ashamed now that she's literally being treated like
a pig.

"Good.", he yanks at the collar. She starts crawling as best as she can as he leads her out the door.
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dude please write a prequel to this, ***ing hot as shit