Pregnant and gaining

Chapter 1 - confessions of a pregnant fatty

The first time I was pregnant to my frustration I didn’t really show until I was about 6/7 months pregnant. My belly was never that big and I gained the normal healthy amount 35lbs. As soon as I gave birth I lost 20lbs in one week. I’m pregnant again but this time it’s different. Around 8 weeks I already was so bloated I could barely fit in my baggiest pants or leggings! I needed to put my maternity pants on. My morning sickness was difficult but what kept me okay was constantly eating. I realized I wasn’t really that nauseous but I was starving. All The Time. I’ve never been someone who had a large appetite. I would eat and then be full and that was it because I hated the feeling of being overstuffed. But now I am constantly hungry and eating twice as much and I can’t stop. It’s starting to catch up to me because now I really started to gain weight. I put on about 15lbs and I’m only in my second trimester now. If this weight gain doesn’t slow down I might end up gaining 50lbs by the end. Last pregnancy I was all belly, but this time I feel my whole body ballooning. I have large breasts and they are spilling out of my G cup bras now. My butt has gotten larger, fuller and feels heavy and jiggles when I walk. My belly looks the way it did when I was 6 months pregnant and I’m only 4 months currently. My face is getting fuller too, maybe I will grow a double chin. I have intense cravings for fries, burgers, meat, potatoes. I usually eat healthy but I can’t stop indulging my cravings. I just can’t help myself, I’m turning into a fat pig. The best part is I am enjoying it so much. I’ve always had feeding fantasies but I’ve always left it at that- fantasies because I wanted to stay a healthy weight. But now I feel it’s out of my control, I will balloon up this pregnancy even if I don’t indulge all the unhealthy cravings because I am just soo hungry! I belch and fart more too and I just love what a fat slob I’m becoming. Now my new fantasy is to reach 200lbs by the end of this pregnancy and then after the birth keep it on. The only problem is I know my husband will not be happy. I was always curvy and he likes that but I don’t think he’s attracted to overweight women. He might have to learn to be because I feel like it’s going to be hard to stop gaining this weight and lose it after the baby is born.
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