Steve the destroyer

Chapter 1 - back story

Steve was your typical Northern Ontario boy. He grew up in a two-parent family. His Dad was an Army officer and his mother was a housewife. Steve grew up playing hockey, he was an army cadet and star athlete all through school.

In grade 11 a new student named Roddy transferred to Steves high school Roddy was the opposite of Steve he was thin and kinda frail looking. His family moved to Thunder Bay from Vancouver. Roddy was also openly gay. This made Roddy unpopular in a small town in northern Ontario. He was mainly friends with girls and Steve jock's friends took a disliking to him.

Steve, however, found curiosity about Roddy. They worked together in a few group projects and Steve noticed how Roddy always yielded to Steve and always took Steves's opinions in the group. Steve enjoyed this.

However, in grade 12 Steve heard Roddy had moved back to Vancouver as he was having a hard time in school. And he was going to finish high school living with his Grandparents. Steve went on to graduate high school with honors and joined the military after high school.

Towards the end of his military term, Steves's parents had passed away leaving him to inherit their estate as he was an only child. Steve finished up in the army he was now a very muscular man who looked very authoritative. With no ties to his home town or family Steve decided to head for Canada's west coast after all he had got a free education in the army and had a large sum of money from his parent's estate, so re-locating would be no issue. It was now in 2004.

When Steve arrived in Vancouver he had purchased a condo and decided he was in fact gay and into BDSM. He joined and uploaded a picture f his very muscular torso and a private album that showed with other large assets.

He was browsing the local guys in Vancouver when he stumbled across one he knew. It was Roddy from high school or at least Steve was sure it was. Roddy looked the same thin, twinky and kinda underdeveloped and weak. Steve read Roddy's bio and his interest were listed as BDSM, Bottom, Salve, and more.

Steve was into brunette guys who were into BDSM. Steve created his profile listing his interest as BDSM, Master seeking full-time slave. Steve decided to message Roddy and said "Hot profile, you're a handsome guy, I'd love to meet you sometime. Hit me up if you're interested in meeting. Steve logged off and decided to hit the gym and get on with his day.
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