Chapter 1 - stuck



"How are you?"

"Good thanks you?"

God, it was tedious but a necessary evil so it seemed. Eloise loved to chat about her feedism kink in chatrooms under the name "LookingFabulous" but it seemed every single conversation started exactly the same way, even with people she had chatted with hundreds of times.

Eloise was a feeder, she loved getting girls to blow up while keeping herself in tip top physical condition, she lived for the contrast between her tight body and that of her soft piggies.

"If only they could be a bit more imaginative" she thought, "maybe then I wouldn't be bored to tears."

Eloise had been in the chat for a good couple of hours, getting the occasional private message, most didn't go anywhere, plenty of guys wanting to feed her but that wasn't something she was interested in.

"Jesus Christ, it says right in my profile. I'm only interested in feeding slim girls, I don't care about how much you've eaten today, I don't want to see your belly and I certainly don't want to gain with you, you fucking creep!" Was what she had levied at the last unfortunate guy who hadn't taken the time to read her profile.

Eloise was just about to sign out when she received a private message. Hearing the alert tone, she switched back to the tab with her chat to find it was from a user she hadn't chatted with before - APlumperU.

"Hey, how's that belly?"

"Just fine thanks" replied Eloise

"How much have you gained now?"

"Oh, I'm not a gainer" typed Eloise, rolling her eyes as she did.

"Just always been big?"

"No, seriously, how hard is it to read a profile?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, I just assumed from your posted weight that you were into gaining"

Eloise was starting to lose her temper now. "What about being 110lbs made you think I was into gaining?!"

"110? I could've sworn it said 210, yeah I was right!"

Eloise sighed as she bought her profile up in another tab, sure enough, next to weight it read 210lbs. She scrunched her nose as she set about righting the error.

"Yeah, dunno what's going on there, I've fixed it now"

"Oh, okay, sorry to have wasted your time." And then APlumperU closed their chat window.

Eloise grabbed her mouse and motioned towards x-ing out of the chat when the alert tone went off again. Another private message, this time from another unfamiliar user called getfatplz. She clicked on the tab to read the message.

"Hey, how's that 50lbs feeling?"

"What?" Replied Eloise rudely.

"Where has it been going mainly? Ass? Belly? Boobs?"

"What the fuck are you on about man?"

"No need to be rude, I was just interested in your new gain that you wrote about in the gainers tab"

Again, Eloise bought up her profile in another tab, not believing what this whacko was telling her but sure enough, there it was, a post on gainers that read:

Missed that milestone (whoops) +50lbs (260lbs)

Well I've been doing so well with my gain I shot straight past 250lbs without even noticing! Obviously need to weigh myself more often...

She was interrupted again by the alert tone, it was another message from getfatplz.

"You'll get to your target in no time eating like that, and beyond if you don't pay attention!"

"Listen prick! I don't know what's going on, I didn't write that, I'm not gaining so just leave me alone okay?!" She hit enter before closing the chat and went about deleting the erroneous post.

No sooner had she clicked on the red X to delete the post then she received another message from another unfamiliar name - PiggyMaker69.

"Hey I saw you're a feedee? Need a feeder? Lol"

Eloise didn't even bother replying before checking her profile where she found that in place of "Feeder" it read "Feedee".

"What the hell is going on?!" She asked out loud as she went about fixing this latest error on her profile, closing the chat with PiggyMaker69 without even replying.

However, Eloise's influx of messages was not at an end as once again she heard the alert tone.

"Oh god! What now?" She shouted as she looked at the chat. Thankfully though, she recognized this name - chunkyladylover or Torrie to her friends.

"Hey girl! How's my favourite feedee doing?"

"Oh Torrie, thank God it's you, I've been having the strangest night... wait what?"

"I see you got that cake I ordered for you, you're looking huge in that photo!"

A panic washed over Eloise as she clicked on her picture section. Instead of finding her usual picture - a shot of her in a crop top, showing off her abs and holding a pitcher of milkshake with the caption "Someone is instore for a fattening treat", she found a picture of her sat in profile, in her bra and panties, in front of her was a two-tier chocolate cake and she had snagged some of the frosting on an outstretched finger. The caption read "From my favourite feeder chunkyladylover".

That wasn't the most distressing thing though, Torrie had been right, she looked massive! In the picture her belly hung over her panties, resting heavily in her lap. Her face was framed by round cheeks, a significant double chin resided just underneath an overjoyed smile. Her breasts looked like they would destroy her bra if she as much as breathed in. Her upper arms were doughy looking, as if she'd never seen a gym in her life. This wasn't right!

The alert tone made her jump this time.

"You've gotta be 300 by now princess, are you holding out on me?"

"No!" She shouted as she closed the chat, frantically she clicked to close the browser to no avail, it simply wouldn't close. Finding no luck in trying to exit her browser, she jabbed repeatedly at her PC's power button and again found that the PC would just not turn off. In a frenzy now, she dropped to her knees and scurried under her desk, looking to pull the power cable from the wall but under the desk she encountered her waste paper bin. Laying in the bin she noticed the packaging for a two-tier chocolate cake.

Staring at the box in shock she heard a different alert tone, it was the one for the main chatroom.

Climbing back onto her chair she watched the chat as a feeling of dread bubbled in her stomach.

APlumperU: So, LookingFlabulous you must've gained what? 250lbs?

getfatplz: 250? Nah looks more like 300 to me, all gone to that sexy belly too!

PiggyMaker69: I'm so jealous of her feeder! What a great job she's done fattening up that oinker!

Chunkyladylover: Aww thanks guys. What can I say? It helps when you have a willing subject. Won't be long now until we reach her goal of 500lbs, isn't that right piggy?

Eloise was about to try and rip her PC out of the wall when she noticed her reflection in her full-length mirror, well she saw some of it. If she had thought she looked big in the picture on her profile she was in for a shock.

Her reflection showed a drastically changed image, a double chin that took up her entire neck, her braless boobs drooped to either side of her colossal gut that hung down over her sex and halfway to her knees. Her thighs were gargantuan and no gap could be seen until she spied her fat calves. She could feel how much her arms wobbled as she felt compelled to sit down and type.

LookingFlabulous: 500lbs? You have got to be joking! If I'm an ounce under 550 after eating what's about to be delivered I will be incredibly unhappy!

As if by fate the doorbell rang as Eloise's belly rumbled.

LookingFlabulous: There's the door now! Don't worry, I'll be sure to take pics and video of my feast. Chat later you guys xxx
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