Supergirl: weird day

chapter 1

Sometimes in life, you get the weird days. Such a philosophy was especially true for superheroes like Kara Zor-el, also known as Supergirl. Sometimes it was Lex Luthor with another convoluted method of trying to turn her against her cousin, sometimes it was interdimensional time travel to different worlds. Today was different in a new way, though. She found herself in a in a huge factory in the mountains above Metropolis that seemed to have popped up overnight and started supplying donuts to local stores and restaurants. It was when a golem made of fried dough attacked town that she took notice and decided to investigate in costume. That's why she had to deal with another similar golem now.
"Yes, my minions! Destroy her for mommy!" Yelled the old looking plump woman from the balcony above them. Right, Kara had to deal with that too.
In Supergirl's momentary distraction, the twenty-foot-tall donut golem slammed a big doughy fist into her, sending the superheroine flying into a huge metal tank. The steel plates buckled and rivets popped as her kryptonian body smashed into it, leaving her in a crater. Really though, Kara was just pissed off.
"Ugg, why did you have to make it weird?" she said while flying out of the wreckage and slamming into the golem, sending it flying back to the far side of the large metal room. Looking down at her arm, she realized some of the thick glaze that covered the golem had made its way onto the long blue sleeve of her uniform. "Eww! Why is it glazed!?" Kara heard the woman above began cackling and looked up.
"Because my children should be perfect, and you shall feel their power!" the old woman yelled. The wad of very curly gray hair on her head was hidden by a white chef's hat that stood proud like a mast. She was definitely on the big side, with a pronounced double chin wagging in tune with her laugh, and large breasts sagging in the apron she was wearing. Of course, the thing had a single glazed donut emblazoned on the front of it. The apron was large, hiding the rest of the plump woman along with the old-style dress she wore. "All will fear the power of The Pastress!" the she yelled again while pulling a nearby lever, dropping more golems from a trap door above to fall on her victim below.
"You could have any super villain name you want, and you choose 'The Pastress'?" Super girl responded with, firing her laser vision above to slice through and burn the two golems dropping from above. The huge severed hunks of dough fell to the ground on either side of her, smoldering along the edges. Kara had to admit, as smell of now warm donuts floated into her super-nose, they did smell really good. She might need actually stop by a real bakery after this.
"You'll not be laughing for long, Supergirl! When I am done with you, they'll have to call you Super-girth." Pastress revealed a button of some kind in her hand, pressing with it with a confident smirk on her wrinkly face.
Kara had little time to consider what the hell she was talking about. A small explosion sounded behind her. Super girl whipped her head around, looking over her shoulder she saw that one of the golem pieces had blown apart, revealing a head sized piece of Green Kryptonite glowing brightly on the factory floor. "Oh crap!" she groaned, already feeling her powers begin to drain. "Gotta get out of here before- Oof!"
The Blonde found herself cut off as another of the donut golems had appeared and smashed her right back into the ground as her feet left it. This time it really did hurt, a lot. Struggling to her feet, Kara saw herself surrounded by a quartet of the golems closing in on her from all directions. Between the smash into the ground and the kryptonite, she could barely stand. And her hair kept falling in front of her face. She raised her arms though, Supergirl would not go down quietly.
"Take her to the room..." intoned Pastress menacingly from above. The four golems closed in, slamming their big doughy arms into the depowered Supergirl over and over, bounce her between them until she slid to the floor, unconscious.
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Theswordsman 6 years
One thing im wondering was kara shrunk until she could fit in a donut or is it just a very large donut that makes her room?