Sweet dreams

Chapter 1 - an erotic vignette

i dream you are aching to feel the weight of my full belly on your strong back as i kneel between your quivering thighs. so warm, so succulent and inviting you know I cannot resist, i need to lift myself, hoist my great swollen sac heavy with digesting food and new fat to take advantage...lift it and then drop it against you with a soft slap before entering and the weight is suddenly gone from me, transferred to your back.

i have to be careful and keep my great belly centered as you guide me in, holding your hips i pull myself into you, i feel the tip slip inside you and i hold there, gently moving.

you try to back into me but i hold you away, teasing you, driving you mad with desire until i feel you are ready, your inner muscles flexing, nibbling like a mare in heat, until you are begging for it, your moans becoming whimpers.

only then will i sink in and as i do lean forward, my belly rolling up your back, the weight of it moving over you is incredible... feel that heavy lower curve inching up your back.

i reach down and stroke the sides of your hanging breasts as i thrust, feeling them sway forward and back.

feel me, each thrust pushing deeper and deeper inside you, lengthening inside you, thickening.

my body rocking back and forth, pushing the pubic fat away from my fat pubic pad as i sink deeper into you at each push.

you want to reach back and grasp my belly atop of your back but to do so would break the position, maddening you.

god you feel good i moan, reaching your erect nipples and tugging downwards. Milking.

my belly is so heavy, growing heavier daily, my cock hard and thick as it sinks into your engorged cleft. feel me playing with your breasts as I do, tugging them, lifting your plump breasts with them. i lift one and stroke the soft underside with my fingers.

my pubic fat against your plump, rounded backside, the soft slap of fat and the reverb created as it moves between us...my pubic fat pushing your thighs apart, molding around your vulva as i thrust into you.

god yes! can you feel me, feel my fat pushing against your inner thighs, so full and so much fatter than you remember, spreading you wide, my fatness forcing you wider.

it feels so good to have me deep inside you, knowing I am getting fatter for you and you are at the edge of orgasm again.

yes, i am growing fatter for you I whisper as i lean forward again and push the sides of my belly down either side of you, encapsulating you, like heavy, warm lard melting over you; molding my belly around your sides with my hands as i thrust...the firmness you feel at the base of your spine you know is all that food in my intestines; a firmness you can feel despite the thick layer of fat you have coated me with.

you are so close, now. cum for me my sweet, my soft upper belly is heavy and warm almost reaching your shoulders. you feel my hands again on your hips and you know i have gotten serious, grabbing handfuls of your soft hips. almost painfully i force my swollen cock deeper inside you, huge inside you, my fat pubics split you wide i am thrusting so hard.

I know you're there, oh god! yes! you cry, my fingers sinking into the soft flesh on your hips, your tender fat locked in my fingers, my own breath in gasps and moans as my peak is reached. never have i felt this huge, this swollen, this long. I feel the tip of my cock brushing something firm...the lips of your uterus?

you are in ecstasy.

longer, deeper thrusts; long, slow pullouts, briefly holding then a quick thrust home and the sharp slap of my fat against you, it feels so good doesn't it.

a grunting hugely fat animal is violating you, ravishing you, abusing your sweet tender womanhood, grunting sweating, belly slick with our cum, my fat sliding over and around you with each heated thrust.

and then you are shaking as you orgasm again and seconds later again and again a third as i reach my peak in a primal grunt, exploding within you flooding you, filling you with creamy waterfall of hot rich cum.

a succulent, deep last spasming thrust and then I am panting, moaning as i withdraw from you and sag next to you, heart pounding, gently gathering you into my softness, loving the feel of your body against me, your arms encircling my obesity.

stroking my incredible belly, so full and round against you, nestled between us and as we kiss, you whisper praise and your plans and desires for me, stroking my huge expanse of abdomen cradled between us.

awake now? you say with a last squeeze of my belly...wake up my sweet fat man... what would you like for breakfast?

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Awesome love your stories.