Tammy's secret

chapter 1

Mark stared open-mouthed as he watched the girl come in through the door. Could it really be her? She lived 250 miles away according to her profile. How could she possibly be here in this small town gym?

Mark was disillusioned with the gaining scene. He'd made lots of connections with girls online, but they all lived hundreds of miles away. 'Fatbabe34' was one of those girls. She was absolutely gorgeous, an average height, blonde and pretty, with a yo-yoing body weight that went up and down about 30lbs every six months or so. However, she was also the type of gainer who, despite loving the idea of being a fat girl, could never really commit to it once the lbs started piling on. Mark had spoken to her online several times and even managed to get a face picture out of her on one evening when they had had a particularly erotic chat about how Mark would help fatten her up; all fantasy of course. Now, Mark looked up from his weights bar and studied the face of the pretty girl walking in. Was it really her?

Mark never gave away his face or his location online, so he could hardly be judgemental about Fatbabe34 telling a little lie, if this was her. He thought back to their conversations to try and find anything that might help him definitively identify her before he went over for a chat.

'Hey, I've not seen you in here before,' Mark smiled; he was a handsome guy, and he knew it, with his tall frame, perfect dark hair, well-toned body and pretty boy face. He certainly wasn't shy, or unaccustomed to flirting with girls who took his eye.

'Hey,' replied the girl, momentarily startled. 'No, you're right. I've changed gyms. I used to work out somewhere else,' she replied breezily, taking the free weights to seemingly show she was not a newbie to working out. 'My name is Tammy by the way,' she continued, getting a sense that Mark was interested in her. Mark hadn't intended to, but he found himself checking Tammy out. It wasn't in a sexual way so much as he wanted to see if there was any trace of the extra 30lbs Fatbabe34 had been carrying last time she updated her profile picture three months ago. No such luck. Tammy was in perfect shape.

Mark introduced himself, smiling broadly as he still desperately tried to think of a ploy to find out if this really was Fatbabe34. He thought it might be best to start on their shared interests in the gym. 'Yeah, I've lost a bit of weight recently,' Tammy admitted. 'I've been doing a lot of cardio and trying to watch what I eat,' she explained. Mark smiled. That was one box ticked.

The more Mark looked at Tammy's face, the more convinced he was. Then he remembered how obsessed Fatbabe34 was about music and in particular, Elvis Presley, which was unusual for a girl so young. She used to post endless lyrics and references to the man on her profile. He tried desperately to think of a way to drag the topic into the conversation. It seemed impossible.

'Say, I'm organising an Elvis night at my bar in a couple of weeks. Do you like Elvis and fancy coming along?' Mark asked. He was the manager of a swanky bar in town. He had no Elvis night organised, but depending on the outcome of Tammy's answer, he could always arrange one quickly.

Tammy inhaled deeply, her eyes almost blown back in to their sockets as she replied enthusiastically. 'Oh! Wow! YES! I love Elvis! I'm obsessed! When is it?' she asked, grinning from ear to ear.

Mark grinned. Fatbabe34 had just been unmasked.
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