Teddy bear sex

Chapter 1 - teddy bear sex

Teddy bear sex. It is the best.

My name is Tammy, and I want to share with you why I love chubby guys. Well, it's not so much just that I love chubby guys, but I love teddy bear sex. Now, I'm a bit of a female teddy bear myself - a Tammy Bear, if you wish. What is a teddy bear, you ask?

Well, you can't have Teddy Bear sex without a Teddy Bear, and I love Teddy Bear sex. A lot of people don't know what Teddy Bear sex is.

Why do I date fat guys or chubby guys or big guys or whatever you want to call them? I call them Teddy Bears.

Teddy Bears are guys who are hairy, big, round and fluffy, and they are the best thing to sleep with when you become an adult and can no longer sleep with a stuffed animal Teddy Bear. When you grow up, you get to sleep with a real Teddy Bear human, and they are the best., especially when they are stuffed. The best sex is with Teddy Bears -- especially if you've just stuffed him or maybe are stuffing him during sex. I feel I need a Teddy Bear right now. I'm getting a little hot.

The best thing about Teddy Bears is their tummies. Their tummies are nice and cuddly, just like a little pillow to lay your head on. Oooh, it's good, just so pleasurable.

Another reason I like my Teddy Bears is because I'm kind of a big girl myself, and sometimes, I want to feel petite next to a man. And Teddy Bears will make you feel that way if you're a big gal like me. If you want to date someone two or three times your size, Teddy Bears are just the thing, and they will make you feel like a slender girl. And they can really take control of you- as well as take up most of the room - in bed! I mostly date like to date someone twice my size. And if you date someone twice your size, sex is oh so glorious. That flab is just a-flopping everywhere! Sensuality in motion, baby!

A lot of people think, "Oh, fat people having sex, that is grotesque!" They are so so very wrong. If only they knew how wonderful it was, they'd be hitting the buffet tables instead of the gym. Honestly, it is the hottest sex you could ever have.

Fat guys want to work hard to please, and they can make you feel so confident in the bedroom. And Teddy Bears just want to throw you around. Being massive makes them so sexy and so powerful.

They'll almost always allow you to be on top. Let's face it, they're heavier than you, and this gives you a great vantage place to watch all their blubber bouncing about, their chubby cheeks wobbling, and their triple chins blopping around. Fat guys are the cutest! Goodness, what I wouldn't give for two handfulls of big hairy love handles right now.

Anyway, let's face it. Being a bigger person, you sometimes don't feel like using up all that energy to have sex. Me personally, I like to be in control, so this is perfect for my tastes. And a Teddy Bear is more than willing to just lay there and let you have his way with him.

The sex is mind-blowing. I have never had multiple orgasms except with fat guys, and I can always count on fat guys getting me off. They are much less likely to "Wham, bam, thank you ma'am!" They take their time about lovemaking, and they make a girl feel special. Like I said, they really put in the effort in bed.

They start off slowly, and they build toward the climax with you. Fat guys care, it seems to me. Maybe because society puts them down, they just try harder. Or at least, that's been my experience with them.

And afterwards, in that after-glow of the orgasmic explosion, fat guys don't just get up and leave. And this is where Teddy Bear Sex becomes the very best.

After the fireworks, the cuddling is the best with a Teddy Bear. They are just so fluffy and soft, and to snuggle up against him is the closest thing to heaven on earth there could possibly be. I've been with skinny guys and muscular guys by the dozens, and I would trade them all for one big fat Teddy Bear when it comes to the cuddling. It is the best feeling. When a Teddy Bear wraps his thick soft arms around me, I am in my happy place. His belly and moobs are so soft against my body. Oooh, I am getting hot just thinking about it.

So there you have it, girls. Next time you have the chance to date a larger man, go for it. He will be a Teddy Bear in the sack, believe me. And what girl doesn't like Teddy Bears, huh?

And after sex, you can always order some takeout pizza and eat it in bed. Your big guy will appreciate it, and the calories will help recharge his sex batteries. Believe me, fat guys can do it much more often than little skinny guys can. They just have more room to store their sexual energy. J

ust make sure you keep him well-fed, so you don't burn off too much of that belly that makes him the Teddy Bear you desire.
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Thanks, Softpleasure. I realize this is a simplistic "story" but I think these ideas need expressed time to time.