The athelete who let herself go

chapter 1

Once upon a time there was a girl named Jennifer. She was a gorgeous athlete in high school and fixing to go off to college at ole miss to play soccer. It was the last game of the season. Championship, Jennifer was running with the ball then made a sharp turn and boom!! Jennifer goes down. Her family takes her to the doctor and she's got a torn acl. So.. before I continue I should describe Jennifer's appearance. She's about 5'8 weighs about 120. She has a tight abs a 6 pack in fact and nice toned legs and bubble butt. She's got long blond hair and beautiful blue eyes and perfect face. Back to now, ok so Jennifer is crushed she goes home and grabs the tub of ice cream a digs in. She takes off her clothes and falls asleep. The next day she has her surgery. Jennifer wasn't allowed to run or any kind of workout well the next 2 weeks go by and she starts showing signs of weight gain. Mostly to her butt . Her mom asks her "you been eating a lot lately huh?" And Jennifer replied with "it comforts me". Jennifer has only bra and panties on , her abs are still there suprisingly. She has the same routine every day wake up go to therapy and come home and eat . Soon it catches up to her. 3 months after her injury Jennifer's body has Changed a good bit . Her butt not looks pretty damn big and boobs are nice . Her abs are completely faded and replaced with a little pooch . She feels herself getting out of shape and doesn't care . Finally it's 6 months after the injury and she's back to soccer. She is quite pudgy now, got a little beer gut and fat thighs and ass and boobs. She's starts playing, her injury destroyed her body , she was breathing heavy after the warm ups soon Jennifer just quit soccer. Now she's god knows where and 500 pounds............................................ ................ .......,,.,,,...............
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