The big ask

chapter 1: a revelation

You don’t know if you have ever been this nervous. Everything in your relationship has been going so well these past 10 months, what if this is where you wreck everything?

You can almost hear your conscious reply, “Of course this is where you mess it up! You realize how opposite what you are asking her is to everything you both have ever discussed before?”

But you always do this, you always talk myself out of telling her. What is the worst that could happen?

“She immediately leaves you!”

You decide that you are just going to do it. She loves you after all, right? And you have never been in a relationship this good, so why not see?

Mind made up you grab your coat, keys, and with a deep breath you head out from your apartment to meet Sofia for your date. Another nice night, as you fly to the restaurant. Luckily, there aren’t any police on the road tonight, as your nerves have you accelerating well above the speed limit.

As you continue to cruise down the nearly-empty highway you can’t help but think about your relationship thus far. All beginning with a chance encounter at a bar when you both had way too much to drink. Still, that evening of intoxicated flirting led to an exchange of numbers and was followed by several memorable dates. Sofia was everything anyone would want in a girlfriend, kind, attentive, fun, and well there is how she looks. Despite what you want to tell her tonight, you still have to admit she is beautiful. Long brown curly hair with sun-kissed skin and expressive caring eyes. She just had a way of looking at you that made you melt.

Tonight though the focus would be on her body, and if she would be willing to… well make changes to suit your preferences. You hadn’t dated much before you started seeing Sofia, but still you know what you like. As gorgeous as Sofia is you just can’t get over how much better she could look if she only would “put on a few pounds”. You might be stretching the definition of a few to the breaking point but if she would gain anything you would be appreciative. You have tried to be subtle, heck even your date with her tonight will be at the absolute best Italian restaurant in town, naturally with the most generous portions in the area. Still, no matter how many dinners you take her out on, or how often you offer dessert, or suggest that you cook for her, she just remains the same one hundred and twenty pound girl you met in the bar. Everything about her figure suggests that she could carry more weight too. Sofia was slightly above average height at 5’6” and she already had alluring such hips. Great butt as well, other than her eyes your favorite feature of hers. Sofia even possessed a moderately ample chest for her size. Although, you knew from waking up and finding her lingerie that she was merely a B-Cup. Just any added pounds to her fantastic coke bottle curves and you know you would feel like you hit the lottery.

You reach the highway off ramp for the restaurant, DiBella’s, and try to ready yourself. “How hard is it to just tell her! You can do this!”.

Ordinarily you would pick Sofia up, but she refused your offer today, as she often does, saying that “If I am going to have such a big dinner I should probably meet you there so I can sneak in a quick workout at the gym first.”
If she only knew how much that stung. Well she will after tonight. You hand your key to the Valet and are surprised by the soft hand that has reached up to caress the back of your neck.

“Fancy meeting you here.” Sofia in the most exotic accent she could muster, wrapping herself around you.

“Hello, my dear. I hope you weren’t waiting long.” You reply before softly kissing her.

“Not at all, by the time I showered and got over here I figured it would be you waiting for me. Babe, I had such a great workout but now let's eat I am famished.” She ended with a chuckle before she grabs your hand pulling you inside DiBella’s.

Dinner was fine but passes in a haze. Your mind keeps drifting back to the only thing that you have been able to think about for the past few days.

Sofia too senses something is off and of course never the one to be shy she is the first to mention something, “Babe what is it? You have been preoccupied all night. Did something happen at work?”

“No, nothing like that.” Now is your opening, it is now or never…

“There is just something I really wanted to tell you, well ask you really. I am just not sure how you will react.” You barely fumbled the words out but hey its a start.

Sofia pauses, she seems a bit taken aback and even a bit scared. Quickly, however, she catches herself and as she puts her soft hand on top of yours she gentle says, “Babe you can ask me anything, you know that. I promise to hear you out whatever it is, okay?”

“Okay...” You shoot back with a hesitant smile.

You pause and take in a deep breath not quite sure how to begin, “Well, what would you think about skipping the gym for a while...”
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Danack 3 years
Finish, please
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Way late but I want to finish this story so I am going to try to pump out the remaining six or seven chapters over the next week or so. Probably lost everyone's interest anyway. Sorry about that.
Derpderpderp 3 years
I hope you continue writing the story!
Td0057 3 years
Like what you've written so far. I look forward to seeing where you take the next chapters.
DnpteCreative 3 years
Been a very long time coming. Had most of this chapter written but due to COVID work schedule became impossible. Hope you enjoy. Should be back to weekly uploads for the next several weeks at least.
LeandroAlex 4 years
🇧🇷 Brazilian portuguese 🇧🇷

DnpteCreative 4 years
Enjoy Chapter 3. The stories pacing should pick up from here.
DnpteCreative 4 years
Chapter 2 a couple hours late but hopefully that is okay. Sorry for the slow build up compared to a lot of the stories you probably read on here but wanted to create something that felt more true to life. Next two chapters will hopefully have more of the
Fatchance 4 years
Very realistic, please continue!
DawnofBleach 4 years
Oh my gosh. This NEEDS to continue. I hit the jackpot in finding this! Please keep going!!!
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I can't wait to see how she reacts
DnpteCreative 4 years
First time posting on here and wanted to try something a bit different. Please let me know what you think. My plan is to do a chapter each Monday. With the complete story being another ten to twelve chapters.