The cleansing

chapter 1

I am standing here hands against the wall under the shower head, letting the water pulsate against my scalp

You move in next to me, gloriously naked and smile. I see you lean back, wetting your hair, getting it out of your eyes, a curtain down your back.

The shower stall is big but not that big, it used to be large enough, before you grew so fat you say.

I can feel you move, your skin sliding against my rear as you wet yourself. I shrug, you're the one feeding me, I just eat everything you put in front of me.

You reach around me for the soap, lathering it between your hands. I know, you say, and I can't wait to soap that growing belly. It looks larger tonight.

It is larger I think to myself, loving the thought, knowing it pleases you. I hum soundlessly, my drone resonating in the steam filled stall and hear the slick susurration as you work up lather in your hands.

You pull impishly on my scrotum and I spasm at the unexpected tug snapped from my reverue to the present. My first reaction putting my legs together to shield myself, your hand continues cupping the lather dripping from my sagging abdomen.

Lean forward baby, you say and I do, forward against the wall, hands up high, water pulsing on my scalp as I continue to hum tunelessly. You are so beautiful, you whisper over the sound of the water. I let you explore my larger size, keeping my hands up, belly suspended like a ripe fruit ripe for the plucking.

I groan at your touch, your strong fingers working deep under the fattened sac of my apron, working into my navel, my soft underbelly fat sliding through your soapy fingers, your hands everywhere at once, lifting me, then sliding up to squeeze my breasts.

I sway side to side, feeling my belly and breasts move in your slick hands, loving the smooth long pleasurable strokes.

I again feel your firm abdomen against my protruding butt as you reach around me and gather my belly in your arms so soapy and slippery.

I look down and watch my belly move and distort, shifting as you squeeze and manipulate it, squeezing inward, then your forearms low, sliding along my hips and under my great hanging belly, cradling the swollen result of your feeding and my gluttony.

You are bigger, you whisper, as my belly fills your arms, a warm soapy mass, slipping through them to bounce heavily, settling into its deep curve.

I am startled again by your strength and aroused by your words but my attention shifts to the feel of your breasts against my back. God you feel so good, I murmur.

Baby, so do you, you answer adding, I can't get enough of you. You are getting so fat and juicy. I love to fill my arms with you; I want to wash and baby you forever.

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