The fat shot

chapter 1

"Oh my God you look ten years older"- giggled Cydney, "and youre practically busting out of that shirt". Mike looked down, it was true, his two bottom buttons had snapped off and the ones above were straining. "Now you just need a beard". He couldnt quite make sense of it but his head was throbbing and though he noticed it he didnt quite make the connection of its bearing to reality. "What are you talking about, where are we even? I remember seeing you last night at the bar but i dont remember anything after; did we have sex?"
"No" she said, "and were in my apartment. You were too drunk to even tell me where you lived now so i figured id just bring you back here"
"I live in the same house, next door to your old place when im home at least over break"
"Oh" she giggled, "that was stupid of me, but i cant go on about this anymore have you really not noticed" and she motioned her eyes toward his gut. Suddenly he felt the true girth of his frame. He grabbed a gigantic gut that seemed to have doubled in size overnight. He felt his chest and surely enough, what had been a fairly defined and well muscled pec had become fleshy man boobs. The arms that grabbed them, once moderately chiseled had become like flabby unused things. His boxers too were now skin tight, and they strained his soft thighs and ass while his stomach and love handles overflowed out of the threadbare and overstreched elastic. "What the fuck happened to me, what did you do, how fucking fat am I?" He tried to sit up in bed and fell back down on his first attempt. Just then he met her eyes laughing at him as she bit her down on her bottom lip to hide what her eyes had just betrayed. She just then went over to her closet and grabbed something; then came onto the the bed and started stroking his belly where the buttons had popped off his shirt. "Here how about we smoke and then i'll explain. "Sure" he said, his hangover throbbing. "And oh by the way, before we get high and i forget, youve gained 80 pounds so whatever you were before just add..."
" Im 302" he said, "Christ".
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