The fetish-maker

Chapter 1 - mallus approaches

Kalitana saw a shape in the shadows; a tall, broad figure; someone watching her from afar. “I know you’re there!” she called out impatiently, sensing the danger. “Come out and face me!”

The dark figure shifted and stepped forwards into the glow of the streetlight above. “Hello Kalitana,” came a deep, powerful voice.

Kalitana took in the face of the stranger and sank to her knees. “Mallus!” she called aloud, ashamed of herself for how disrespectful she had sounded a few seconds earlier. “Forgive me! I did not know it was you!”

“It’s nice to meet you Kalitana,” the deep voice continued. “I have heard many things about you over the last few years.”

Kalitana could hardly contain her pride. As a rising demon, she knew that her exploits were spoken of, but she had not expected that they would reach the ears of Mallus: the mighty demon of time. “I am honoured!” she exclaimed. How many decades had it been since Mallus had come to earth? Was he here now just to speak to her? What an honour that would be!

“Your… methods have been causing quite a stir within the underworld,” Mallus continued, stepping closer and closer to Kalitana, who still rested on her knees. “Very impressive!”

The demon was clearly talking about her fetish-inducing tactics, Kalitana realised. Indeed, she had developed a sophisticated system of infecting humans over the years, so that they became so overly-aroused by their fetish, their entire lives became consumed by it. One of her particular favourites of late had been the use of the fat fetish; seeing the men and women become so consumed by their own fattening bodies, softening and swelling until they could hardly think of anything else.

“I may have use for you…” Mallus grinned.

“Anything!” Kalitana bellowed. Oh, the honour of being assigned a task by the mighty Mallus! She had hardly known the demon to appear before anyone in decades!

“It must be completely secret,” Mallus continued, staring down at Kalitana, as if testing her loyalty. “No one must know that you are working for me.” Then he waited until Kalitana nodded before he continued. “I have looked into the time portal. There is a child to be conceived soon; a future scientist who will have a profoundly positive impact on humanity.” Mallus, lifted Kalitana’s chin, allowing her to look at him in the face. “I want to make sure that this child is never born,” he stated gravely.

Kalitana breathed in. Altering the course of the future was one thing. Altering the course of the entire human race was another. If she was discovered, she would be hunted by the other side for centuries. “I… I’m not certain that I follow…” she mumbled, hoping that Mallus’ task was not as dangerous as she now anticipated.

“The mother is a professional athlete, living in England. The father is a business manager working in the same city. Fairly soon they will meet and fall in love,” he explained. “But…” Mallus said, as if to inject a ray of hope. “…The father is very particular about how a woman should look…”

Kalitana waited a few seconds, knowing that Mallus was expecting her to connect the dots. “You want me to fatten her. Make it so that this guy wouldn’t even look twice at her.”

Mallus grinned. “You’re mind works pretty fast” he offered with a slight nod. “Leave the man to me. I want you to focus on the female. This is where you will find her,” Mallus stated, handing over a paper file that he had concealed under his jacket. “I will catch up with you soon,” he whispered, as if telling a large secret. “And remember: absolutely no-one should know of my plan; do you hear me?”

Kalitana nodded obediently as Mallus smiled one final time, bowed his head and disappeared in a ripple of air.

Her heart beating, Kalitana looked around. Even if she wanted to, there was no way that she could ever say no to a demon like Mallus. But, she realised with a sinking heart, there was no way that she could ever fail him either.
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Feeder862 4 years
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