The gain

chapter 1

With pleasure I see how your growing fatness has completely rounded out, spilling over your tight waistband and your once roomy top now stretched to the point of tearing.

It is time to pause and explore the changes I have helped you make to your very receptive body.

Eagerly you allow me to strip you of your tightly confining clothes and stand for me unashamed of effects of your gluttony.

As you pose for me I ask if its getting difficult for you to walk after our recent extended feedings, now that your heavy underbelly slides softly but more heavily against your thighs. I ask how does it feel now that we keep you constantly full, so hugely distended?

How erotic was the feeling of the stretching fabric I have had you wear to support your swollen abdomen? You moan softly as with my fingertips I stroke the red welts where the waistband has dug into your soft new fat.

Do you like me admiring your beautiful fatness naked? Touching you like this? Do you enjoy showing me your belly and breasts swaying rythmically, your rolls of fat rolling and creasing as you pose for me, free from any confining fabric? Yes, from your rising manhood I see you do.

I know you are completely and absolutely full now, magnificently distended, your stomach so tightly packed and so full it is suspended off your plump thighs.

I must know what arouses you when you gorge like can't all be just the taste of the rich food as it slides down your throat or how it swells your belly farther and farther out as you slowly fill for me.

There must be something else.

Whisper to me why you enjoy it so...why you enjoy and desire your body to grow so round and lush and soft.

Does it arouse you sexually? Does it cause an electric tingle as I touch you like this, squeeze you like this? a flush of heat in your groin, a hardening of your cock as I hold you like this?

Does it make you erect, your groin throb, your breath quicken?

Oh yes, I see your body is starting to answer...I see you are as I walk around you, trailing my fingertips along your equator.

Yes, it is all these things that only happen when one becomes so very fat as I have encouraged you to become.

So tell me more, I never tire of hearing it. I want to hear between your quiet moans as a cradle this immense abdomen why you find this stretched belly and these expanding breasts so arousing.

I want to hear that its the feel of your fat lifted and fondled like this or shuddering and swaying when you walk, sliding against your thighs, and sagging between your soft, plump thighs when you sit and spread your knees for me.

That it's the feel of your underbelly skin stretch when you lift it up onto a cool granite counter top for us to fondle and admire. That it's the feel of your man breasts, laying warm and heavy on the distended crown of your belly, when you lean forward to kiss me.

That its those little unexpected sensations, like the sudden feeling of something warm and soft brushing against the tender, private area below your deepening underbelly crease, like I'm doing now.

Do you kneel on hands and knees and rock back and forth, near orgasm from feeling that huge THING hanging below you sway back and forth. Show me now...oh yes, lord yes.

Do you enjoy me touching it, stroking it, massaging it, encouraging you physically, psychologically, almost forcefully to increase this "thing", to make it bigger and magnify ten-fold, a hundred-fold all the sensations you now experience?

Does that thought arouse you as it does me?

I know the answer is yes.
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Littleextra 5 years
A beautifully descriptive summation of all those little (or not so little as the case may be!) things that make us all tick. Wonderful stuff, bravo!
Td0057 5 years
Really like the descriptions and wording you use. Enjoyed it!