The new assistant part 2

chapter 10

Kyle, the long string of pretty boys, her doomed marriage, even the cute pharmacist. "And so..."

"And so, here we are. Took you long enough," he teased.

"I'm sorry! There were years of denial built up!" she laughed.

"Wait just a sec..."

He got up and headed to the bathroom. Kate watched his jiggling rear, then lay back, thinking dreamy thoughts. She thought she heard the sound of her scale move on the floor, but didn't think much of it till she heard a vaguely girly scream through the door.

"What?" she yelled.

He charged out of the bathroom and climbed on top of her, pinning her hands down, his ponderous belly hanging over her.

"Mmmm, this is a nice view."

"Do you know how much weight I've gained since I started working for you?" He was sort of laughing, but his cheeks were flushed.


&quo t;Fifty pounds. In less than five months."

"Um, wow...." She was starting to get horny again. "So, that would make you...?"

"Two eighty. Two hundred eighty pounds."

"Mmmm, Fatty Matty," she cooed in his ear.

"Oh, you are so in trouble." He lay down, putting his full weight on her.

She started giggling and squirming underneath him, then kissed him fiercely. "That is making me incredibly hot."

"You're a bit of a weirdo, you know that, right?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about." She grabbed his butt. "Do you know how much time I've spent obsessing about your ass?"

"Mmmm, is that so?" He rolled off of her and pulled her on top of him. He grabbed her butt--"Do you know how much time I've spent obsessing about YOUR ass?"

"Oh reeeeally? See? You DO like older women!"

"Kate, seriously..."

"I'm officially a cougar, and you're cougar bait."

"Fat cougar bait."

"The best kind." She kissed him on his left cheek, right on his dimple. "I named this, you know," she said, putting her finger in the dent.

"You named my dimple?"


" ;And what did you name it, may I ask?"


He started laughing hysterically. "You've officially lost it." He got quiet. "Seriously, though. You know that you're gorgeous, right? I mean, you could be with any guy you wanted."

"I'm getting old. My mother is fond of reminding me of this. I'm practically old enough to be your mother."

"Yeah, if you had me when you were 11!" he laughed. "Hey, 36 is the new 26, and you look 26, so does it matter?"

She smiled. "If you're okay with it, I'm okay with it." She kissed him again. "So..."

"I just have to ask. How much of the last week and a half was for me, and how much was for you?"

"What do you mean?"

"The, um, manly displays of appetite."

He laughed. "Oh, THAT. Well, I figured if you were trying to fatten me up, I'd try to help it along a bit, you know, more than my usual gluttony." He looked a little sheepish. "But yeah, I was trying to turn you on."

"Well, it worked."

"I guess!" he laughed.

"So the huge sandwich and the burger and stuff?"

"Mostly for show. They were really tasty, though." He smiled.

"What about the extra-large pizza you'd planned to eat tonight?"

"Kind of messing with you. Maybe I would've gotten a large and not eaten the whole thing?"

"And the ice cream?"

"Oh, I was totally serious about that. I'm more of a sweets guy."

"So the brownie feeding frenzy?"

"Um, yeah, that was real." He looked slightly embarrassed. "Those brownies were pretty amazing."

"Mmmm, thank you. I'll make them again for you."

He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her down for another kiss. "That would be fantastic."

She smiled at him. "You may just be the best early Christmas present I've ever gotten."
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Max Stout 6 months
the grand finale
plot twist
is a master stroke
of bloody genius
FrecherTyp 9 years
hehe jsut had to read your story again and found her ass bum squeezing and tummy kissing so hot .....again ^^
FrecherTyp 10 years
oh this was wonderful to read i immediately want to become an assistant of such a nice female .......boss hihi areally lovly story with the nice effect of officeowrkes adding to their sweet realtionship in such a nice way ^^
Obsessed 11 years
wow.... I absolutely ADORED reading this!!! beautifully executed. cant stress enough how much i reaaally enjoyed reading!!!! thank you!! xx