The pirate queen

chapter one

You startle, causing the heavy chains binding you to clank. Your thoughts are jumbled as you blink slowly, trying to make sense of where you are. Soon remnants of the night before start to come to you. You remember being sprawled before the fire, laid out on thick furs, the metallic threads in your rich garments catching the light as you indulgently and arrogantly feasted on a multitude of delicacies and sipped rich wines. Of lying in your tent later, satiated and drowsy, a little slave girl rubbing oil on your body as you doze.

I watch your eyes widen as you recall the last words you heard before the blackness settled in. "No, I want him instead. Let that other one go. This one looks like he already enjoys his gluttony. Let us go before we are discovered."

I laugh, thoroughly enjoying the emotions that race across your face as you become fully aware of your surroundings. The torches set in the cave walls burn brightly, allowing you to take in the rich tapestries adorning the walls, the glint of jewel encrusted goblets and bowls resting on the heavy wood table, furs strewn about the cave floor. Your chains a stark comparison to the finery set about you.

"Wh, wh, where am I?" You ask, trying to stifle your trepidation, eye wide. Then a bit more strongly you ask. "Where am I? Let me go. Do you know who I am?"

I am amused at your meager attempt to be threatening. "You. You are in my hidden lair, high on a cliff overlooking my harbor" I reply. "Mmmm...let you go? I think not. See, you interest me, I shall not free you. I have need of you."

You pull on your chains, looking around, trying to find me in the dark shadows behind you. "I will have you thrown to the dogs for your impertinence. Let me go at once" you sputter, trying to muster a façade of courage and importance. "I am not one to be trifled with."

"Indeed, is that so?" I muse.

"Let me go. Free me this moment" you demand.

"I think not" I calmly answer.


I laugh heartily. "You amuse me greatly. I believe you shall suit me quite well."

As you pull on your chains, trying desperately to free yourself while sputtering and stammering idle threats I move closer to you. I place my booted foot between your legs, close to your manhood. "Hush fat man, I will not be letting you go any time soon so you might as well settle down."

Looking up your jaw drops in amazement as you recognize my face. "You, you awful wench. How dare you? You no good thieving pirate bitch."

"Pirate Queen." I say with a smirk.

"You're no queen, just a thieving wench."

"Behave fat man" I chide as I tap the inside of your thigh with my toe. "You wouldn't want to upset me now. That would bode ill for you."

I lean over and grasp your chin, my warm breath falling on your face. I whisper "I have need of you fat man. You will see. It will all be for the best." I hold a cup of red wine to your lips. "Drink it."

As you sip the wine I offer, goose bumps speckle your flesh as you ponder my words, contemplating what use I would have for you. My cape falls against your arm and you are aware of the intoxicatingly exotic scent that envelopes me. Even in your predicament you appreciate the rich scent, ripe with berries mixed with warm spices and vanilla. Sweet like the little pastries you so enjoy. Heady like the dark red wines you savor. Closing your eyes your stomach grumbles as you partake of the heady scents that waft about you, causing you to salivate in hunger, beginning to lose yourself to the desires food so greatly brings you.

You begin to relax, the lightly drugged wine calming you, warming your blood. Finally noticing the plush softness of the fur rugs beneath you, tickling your skin as the heat of the fire wards off any chill. My scent still lingers around you as I stand and walk to the table, putting down the cup.

"Why me, why did you take me? What is it you want of me?" You ask. Your voice quiet but steady.

"You were brought to my feeding room for my pleasure and so that I can take full advantage of you chained to the wall, arms stretched out, knees drawn up and to the sides exposing your manhood... helpless. Ready to be stuffed, fed, fattened and toyed with. ..especially fed. Gorged until you are more swollen than in recent memory."

And now, after several days of intense gorging you are naked, incredibly distended. I am watching you; standing before you also naked but for a slim red leather harness and high boots, aroused by the sight of your belly hanging low yet protruding outward, full and completely bloated.

I watch you shudder as you feel your belly slide heavily against your thighs, the weight pulling you forward against your restraints.

My eyes travel over your round form, ignoring your moaning and crying about how heavy your fat belly has become, how you wish for me to let you down and take the pressure off.

But I ignore your pleas, just lightly brushing my hand across your distended belly, sliding it beneath your belly, squeezing your underbelly just a touch.
Then I cup your breasts, letting them fall back onto your gorged belly. your breasts are hugely fat now, protruding, liquid. nipples erect with your pleasure. I gently squeeze one and you groan in pleasure, the pain is intense but brief.

You try to turn away but you are held fast, helpless...and my pinching your nipples only increases your awareness of your helplessness. I then slide my hand over and down your belly, feeling how big it has become. My hand is gentle at first then, as it reaches the underside, I push in my fingers deep up into the soft fat and watch you spasm again, feeling the warm wetness of your cock's precum on my thigh and I rub my hand in it. I cradle your belly in my hands, it is huge.
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PUFFY 8 years
Great story!
Asi 9 years
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Wonderfully devious, I can only think of the Bernie Taupin lyric in "Tiny Dancer" by Elton John - Pirate Smile.
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