The princess and the dwarf 4

chapter 19

She opened another vial of healing unguents and began massaging the slippery scented healing cream into his flesh, paying special attention to the various cuts and bruises she found.

"I am sorry to hear about your father," he sighed with a contented moan as she tended him, "you are a sensitive, nurturing woman and I know it must frustrate you that you can do naught but wait for his inevitable passing, and until that day realizing he is no longer the father you know and love but some stranger existing in the shell of the man."

He leaned back and closed his eyes, reveling in the feel of his soft flesh sliding through her fingers, loving that she is doing some exploring beyond the mere tending of his hurts. His breasts cupped and squeezed as she kissed him tenderly, her hands palm down sliding over the soft slack crown of his upper belly, her small fingers slipping inquisitively into his deep navel, squeezing the large swells of belly that rolled over his thighs and sagged between.

She was getting carried away with the feel of his smooth skin. She had never acted this way before. It wasn't fitting of a woman of her position....But to the fires with position...

"I've spent my life being what I should be..I'm going to be what I want from now on." She said to herself, touching every inch of him, soothing his aches and pains, lighting a fire just under his skin. "We will stay here for a couple of days. Then I know a place. An old man who knows all of the old secrets...for he was alive in the ancient days. But he does not like dwarves so we must be careful."

He reached for her and pulled her onto his lap, guiding her legs so she sat astride his thighs, facing him. He began stroking her muscular back as she melted against his abdomen and their lips met for long, delicious minutes. He could not ignore his rising ardor, ignited by her touch and the stimulating herbal cream she had deftly massaged into his body.

"I would stay here forever with you my beautiful clever elven princess. I will help you, to the best of my powers, be whatever it is you want to be and to do whatever it is you wish to do. You need do nothing but whisper it. I am yours body and spirit from now until they pry my battleaxe from my cold dead fingers."

He felt her soften under his strong dwarf fingers as they moved up and down her spine, deeply into her wide shapely shoulders, her slender muscular neck and then back down to cup her succulent rear end, enjoying her warmth and softness through the thin fabric barely covering her.

"Tell me about this old man who doesn't like dwarves...of course I understand his distaste completely, knowing my race. But is he an man or an elf...or something else? A wizard perhaps? I have heard of one cloaked in grey who was to lead my cousin's party, and one of white that evil things are spoken of far to the south. And there is yet another whom none I know are sure he exists, a wizard who is said to converse with animals and goes cloaked in brown."

She relaxed in his arms, in a way she had never had the opportunity to before.

"Nay, he be not a wizard. And the one in Brown that you speak of is Radagast the Brown. He is a dear friend of mine. No, the one we are going to see is Beorn. He is the last of his kind, a skin changer. But he is unpredictable, like the wind.

"It will be dangerous but if you trust me, I will lead you. I met him once, with Radagast. As protectors of the forest they have stood side by side before."

He held her close, loving the feel of her, enjoying the lyrical music of her soft elven voice in his ears. He massaged the base of her spine where it disappeared into the divine cleft of her magnificent derriere.

He answered as another long, sensual kiss broke, "Yes, Radagast...that is a name I know. Beorn I've heard rumors of, but I was to understand he ranged far north to the west of Mirkwood, rarely near the palaces of your wood elf kin. But his advice will be welcome if you are able to meet him. I will avoid the actual meeting as you tastefully suggest. He would be a fearsome adversary and not one I would wish to cross, even though we are of the same mind with our affection for living things.... unfortunately I am one and the same and still a dwarf and cannot change my shape as suits the situation."
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