The princess and the dwarf 5

chapter 24

He felt a light pressure where her arm was resting. He didn't want to wake her so he laid there, enjoying the feel of her body and daydreaming of the night before.

He watched her lovingly, feeling her twitch and move against him in her sleep, feeling her knees raised and pressing up against the underside of his belly. What was she dreaming? She was so beautiful! Her small face, relaxed in her slumber, her full warm breasts were achingly soft and gently moving against his chest as she breathed.

He silently celebrated the notion that she was truly his and his alone. She stirred, stretching like a lithe mountain cat. She looked up at him with sleepy eyes. "I've never been this comfortable while sleeping. We should be getting ready soon, we have a long ways to travel" with that she stood up from the sleeping area and started to rummage through the supplies.

He groaned and lumbered his feet. She looked back at him with such a strong look of love and adoration that he felt a lump in his throat. He swallowed and tried to put it out of his mind. He was a dwarf not a maid, he shouldn't feel that emotional. But looking at her again, he couldn't help but draw her slender body into his strong arms.

He felt her melt against him, her softness against his, her head on his shoulder as her lips brushed his neck under his beard. "I don't want to leave this place but I know we must," he whispered into her golden hair, "our path is perilous and long and our quest is noble. But madam elf my dear love I don't want this feeling, this happiness to ever end."

She kissed him again and reached up under his belly pressing up into the underside feeling the softness where scant hours before she had felt the muscles there harden in his spasming orgasms. She wanted to feel that again, to feel his body convulse in pleasure as he did in hers.

She let out a huge sigh, gathering up her energy to start the day. "Together, my dear dwarf, we will accomplish our mission. When we have done our part we will have the rest of our days together."

With a heavy reluctance she pulled away from his arms and pulled out a couple of small lembas chunks. She threw one to the dwarf and nibbled on the other herself while she repacked her pack and started rummaging through the abandoned elf post for supplies that had been left. She left him to start getting ready himself.

When she came back she had medical supplies, a fresh quiver of arrows, two small hunting daggers, and packs of yet more lembas. Organizing all of this amongst her other supplies, she started to wiggle into her constricting armor.

He grinned at her struggle, watching her squeeze and confine her luscious curves into the tight leathers, wincing at how she compressed her breasts. He found himself experiencing a similar dilemma as he tugged his leather breeches, belt and over tunic over his lembas swollen belly. He felt no heavier, but he was clearly larger than he remembered...and discovered he had to expand his buckle by two notches.

Grunting he cinched himself tight and slipped his battle axe into his belt. Tying his long dwarvish locks back he fastened his dully gleaming helmet under his beard and strapped on his surprisingly heavy pack. What had she put in there to make it so heavy?

Shrugging, he moved to help her with her pack, adjusting and straightening it for her as she tightened its straps over her strong shoulders.
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FrecherTyp 10 years
wow this is really the most interesting sexy and deep story i ever read on here without any weight gain ;-) and this setup in the world of tollkien is just so marvelous romantic all the touches and sweet beavior is just described so sensua would love to be that dwarf haha although i normally favor the elves way more as i like their elegant moving and all the abilities they came to acknoledge over their long lives ^^

your decriptions are just so detailed and cause of that so lovely to read ^^