The ride

chapter one

"There she is," he beamed at her, "restored and rebuilt better than new from the ground up. It's a Norton Commando, won awards at two of the thee shows I entered, one was Best of Show."

"It's beautiful," she whispered, running her fingertips over the curved tank, its voluptuous curves very much like those gracing its owner. She glanced at him, watching him as his eyes ran over the pristine vintage motorcycle, watching him loving its old world elegance, all black, polished aluminum and spindly tires. It made her jealous. "Do you ride it? It looks terribly fast."

"Ride it? No, no...I've grown way too fat to be comfortable on it. The suspension is very hard, remember the technology of this bike is over 40 years old and this big belly of mine not only gets in the way but tells me its there at every rut in the road. I just keep it like the work of art it is. Sometimes just pulling the cover off and simply sit and look at it. Maybe start it every so often to keep the oil circulating, maybe run it to the edge of town and back. Any more than that I'm sore as heck."

"Why not now?" she asked wistfully, "I've never ridden on a motorcycle, and I might consider offering a nice long massage when we get back," she finished with a wink.

He watched her, loving her, loving how she made him feel wanted and desired despite his gross obesity. Well why not, he thought, he would put up with a little bit of discomfort and make her happy...give her a thrill. Fair exchange. "All right, it's a beautiful warm day and while this flesh is weak, my spirit is most certainly willing. Go inside and put some hard shoes and long pants on. I'll roll her out, get her started and warmed up."

It wasn't long before she returned, breathless and eager. The bike was vibrating nicely between his thighs, a lumpy idle barely masking the soft clatter of the valve train.

" are my rules. Once you get on, your feet stay on the pegs all the time. Don't put them down when we come to a stop and don't try to hold the bike up with them. And don't forget the darn helmet." He handed her a helmet and helped her buckle it, making sure the strap was firm under her small elven chin.
How cute she was, so tiny.

She nodded, smiling at him happily. Her mouth quirked, loving how serious he sounded, but listening intently.

"When we go around a corner, relax and lean with me. Pretend you're glued to my back. And you'll probably want to see where we're going, so look over my inside shoulder. In other words, if we're turning left, look over my left shoulder. Most of all, don't wiggle. Got it?"

"Yep! I get on?", she asked with a grin.

"Just like a horse. Always from the left side of the bike. Stand on this peg and swing your leg over. Let me get it warmed up a bit more, and then you can climb on." He revved up the motor and feeling the cylinder warm against his hand he nodded to her. He felt the bike shift as her weight settled and then an incredible warm softness as she pressed up against him, from his rear end to just below his shoulders. Her full breasts two soft mounds moving into him as she settled into the saddle behind him.

She wrapped her arms around his thick middle, shivering slightly at the feel. She was surprised at how comfortable she felt near him. She leaned into him against his broad back, sighing slightly. This felt wonderful, even with the helmet making it slightly uncomfortable.

He felt her small hands slip around him and his skin tingled as her hands seemed to cup his love handles for only an instant before continuing forward and firmly meeting over his protruding abdomen. The pressure forced the exposed underside of it against the cold metal and he shuddered. "OK, he shouted over his shoulder, "here we go, hang on tight." He accelerated slowly as not to alarm her. He then took a couple of low speed corners left and right so she could experience the feel of the motorcycle leaning side to side.

As the bike moved, her feet pressed more firmly into the pegs and her hands tightened on his middle slightly, leaning in closer. At first, she tried to hold herself a little apart, but feeling his hand slide behind her and against her back she realized he was urging her to stay leaned into him for security.

"I'm good!" She shouted, snuggling in closer. As the bike moved, she felt her pelvis slide in to meet his rear end firmly, and her arms tightened slightly as she shivered in excitement.
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Liz Blue BBW 10 years
I loved the original and I Really love the updated version....sigh smiley
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I enjoyed seeing this again.
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oh that was a hot display of what that girl feels while riding a bike hmmm.... iw wished i had a bigger belly a bike and this girl to do this right now ^^