The room

Chapter 1 - you slowly awake your head spinning

Your eyes open to a dimly lit darkness. You feel a breath of warm air on your body and realize you are entirely naked. As your consciousness slowly returns, you also become aware of a tightness around your wrists and ankles. Dazed, you attempt to move a hand to your face and discover your wrist is fastened to something warm and soft, as if it is embedded in a padded vice. You try with your other and realize it too is firmly bound.

You are now becoming frightened and your heart races as you struggle briefly with no success. You feel your heavy breasts slide on your chest, but nothing else moves. You twist your body but find you can only move your torso slightly. You feel your feet are bound flat to a softly textured surface and your legs have been pulled up, your ankles almost to the back of your creamy soft thighs, and their angle is forcing your knees out, opening and exposing the tender lips of your bare womanhood.

In desperation you call out, but no sound comes. Something is blocking your mouth! You can breathe easily, but it is foreign in taste and texture. You feel it with your tongue, it is slick and soft. Frantic, you writhe, desperate, tugging at your bonds until your skin chafes and your tendons become sore from abuse. Waves of despair wash over you, your mind flickering like a moth battering inside an empty can.

Defeated you relax, panting, trying to understand and absorb your situation by your senses. Nothing to see, your head can only turn a short arc from side to side. As you turn to the left whatever is binding you tugs uncomfortably. Suddenly you hear a noise behind your head, out of the range of your vision, a heavy brushing sound that a heavy bare foot makes on a thick carpet.

I watch you struggling, your full breasts moving liquidly as you tear against your bonds, yet you are unable to make a sound. I move closer and stand over your head, the curve of my belly eclipsing the low room light. You feel what must be the hard tip of my swollen cock brush against your cheek as I move ever closer. Your eyes adjust to the dimmness and widen as you realize what you are aching erection arcing out from under a huge soft balloon of belly fat and I know you are aroused.

Yes...I know you, I watched you watching me. You thought I didn't know about this secret desire of yours but I do. I certainly do.

I see your eyes are unable to tear away from my belly, and as I stroke its underside I watch them half close, and hear a soft muffled groan, proof again of your deepest, darkest secret. You struggle half heartedly now, weakly and I know you are helpless in your growing arousal. You feel your juices beginning to flow, your tight virginal cleft throbbing, it's wetness glistening in the candlelight

I move out of your view. You strain to follow me but your head is bound firm. Suddenly you feel my touch on your inner thigh as I trace your firm muscles tensing under the skin. Up and up you feel my fingertip as it lightly slides up your inner calf, slipping briefly in the crease behind your delicate knee and then down your inner thigh to end circling just outside the lips of your womanhood spread wide for all to see.

No, for me to see, just me, kneeling between your thighs, watching your slick juices slowly trickle from your freshly shaved vagina. I rest my cheek against your soft inner thigh, following your delicate inner folds and curves with my eyes, I can smell the deep musk of your ardour shrouding your sexuality like a vaporous gossamer nightgown. I blow gently and it tatters and shreds to nothingness.

I see you are becoming ready, your hips slowly rocking in time to your soft moans, almost as if you are imaginging my swelling cock plunging inside you, my heavy belly rolling over your small round one.

I consider slipping my finger deep into you, to feel your inner muscles clench then relax, then clench again but I wait. I want you mad with lust, burning with desire, a slave to your body and ultimately to me.

So first I will explore you, my face inches from your skin as I bring you to your first of many orgasms, writhing before me. I want to feel your belly flesh and heavy breasts quiver under my fingers as I inflame your sensuality and slowly turn you into a maddened beast, an addict to my male meat and in nirvahna as you finally feel my belly heavy and warm on you, and a slick thickness sliding deep into you...

at my pleasure.

Shall we begin?


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Nice to see you've found inspiration again!!
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oh yessss that was really sexual and sensual very nicely written ^^ yeah sure lets share some ideas ^^
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