The slow softening of taylor swift

chapter 1

Pop Star Taylor Swift had decided to take some time off after a busy year that saw her release her latest album 1989 and go on a world tour to support it. The tour had been a lot of fun but it was a lot of hard work and it was tiring. She was ready for a break. She really had been working non stop for the past couple of years and was ready for some me time. She planned to spend some time with family and friends as well as do some traveling for pleasure. Though she was no longer working, she always had her trusty bodyguard William with her. He was good guy and she knew she could always count on her to protect her. He was really sweet but could become fierce to defend her when he needed to.

After spending the holidays with her family to mark the end of the 2015 calendar year, Taylor began the year 2016 by visiting friends and going on some vacations. It was in July when Taylor was spending some time at her Rhode Island beach home that she had an accident that her bodyguard could not protect her from. She had her model friends Cara Delevinge, Gigi Hadid and Karlie Kloss over to help celebrate the 4th of July holiday. Being athletic, Gigi wanted to play beach volleyball. During the game, Gigi had volley the ball to Taylor. Taylor went running to catch it and did not see the big rock in front of her. She tripped over the rock which sent her flying. She fell down hard on the sand and cried out in pain as she felt a sharp pain coming from her right leg. "I think I broke my leg" Taylor moaned unable to move it and began to cry a little as her friends came over.

Her bodyguard William rushed her to the hospital where the broken leg was confirmed. It would take eight to twelve weeks to heal and her ankle was put into a cast. She was given a custom wheelchair, told to just take it easy and returned home to begin her convalescence.

Her mother came to stay with her for a while so William wouldn't have to do everything. Plus, Cara, Gigi, and Karlie visited a lot as they were on summer break. The three of them always brought Taylor a sweet treat as they felt responsible for her injury. Karlie loved to bake so she always brought Taylor a sweet treat that she baked like chocolate chip cookies or blueberry muffins. Gigi knew how much Taylor loved chocolate and always brought her some chocolates. Cara would bring her pints of her favorite ice cream, cookie dough ice cream.

Taylor would always happily accept the treats and have some while her friends visited. Her mom did not want Taylor's friends to be hurt that the food they brought as gifts was not all eaten plus she did not want food to be wasted so she made sure Taylor ate all of the sweets that was brought to her. She had always thought that her daughter was too skinny and hoped maybe her being sedentary and indulging in more sweets would help her to pack on a few pounds. Taylor's mom also made all of her favorite foods like pasta dishes, pizza, cheeseburgers which the blonde songstress happily enjoyed. Whenever Taylor got a little concerned that she was eating too many fatty foods or sweets her mom would assure her that was not the case and that she needed all this food to build her strength up so her leg could heal. In addition to all this eating, she was kept pretty sedentary. Her days were spent in bed, lying on the couch, or laying out by the pool to work on her tan. William or her mom were always there to help her when she needed to move.

All these calories plus the lack of exercise finally took a toll on Taylor's perfect figure. Standing at 5'11 and weighing 119 at the time of her accident, she had gained thirty pounds, bring her up to almost 150 pounds. She was not fat but she now had a much more softer and curvier body. At first, she was embarrassed to realize she had packed on so much weight but when she asked her mom and William how the extra pounds looked on her, to her surprise and secret delight they both said she wore them well and it wouldn't hurt to add on more.

While she and William had always been friendly, they got to really know each other during her convalesce, maybe even affectionate. Though she had always thought that William was cute, she did not really start to like him as more than a friend until now. Yes, Bill...she liked Bill.

She tried to send subtle signals she had a desire for him but he stoically refused to acknowledge them or probably had no idea what messages she was sending, which made him even cuter to her. He was older and while solidly built, had a distinctly large belly she often wondered what it would feel like to touch and explore.

Sometimes catching him in profile gave her an unexpected twinge deep down in her center, surprising herself because most of her suitors were buff young celebrity studs. She usually liked tall and thin guys and William was definitely not that. It puzzled her briefly until she realized Bill had a depth that all the others, shallow clueless thoughtless losers with zero upstairs, did not.

He would often hang out with her and they would have long talks about their interests, recounting stories of their travels together, and just getting to know each other better.

Taylor always had the feeling that Bill had a crush on her. It seemed to her though it may have even grown a bit since she had gained the thirty pounds. In fact she was sure of it having caught him several times admiring her body more which though surprising she found very flattering. Maybe getting curvy was not such a bad thing. She knew that plus size models were in at the moment. Curvier actresses like Jennifer Lawrence and Scarlett Johansson were now being celebrated. Also, big rear ends were in. So why not? And while she had always been proud of her long legs, she wished she had a round butt like Jennifer or Gigi did.

This morning as she glanced at her reflection in her full length bathroom mirror, a smile spread across her face as she realized her wish was actually becoming true. She turned, admirong herself and noticed much of her weight gain had gone to her bottom half. Her rear had rounded out creating distinct creases over the rear of her thighs that she could slip her fingers into. Her hips had widened a bit and her thighs were definitely softer and thicker. No longer did she have a thigh gap as now her thighs definitely touched when she stood.

The changes to her once slender body had embarrassed her at first but began to grow on her as she definitely felt sexier and curvier...also she noticed that Bill seemed to enjoy watching her walk which had become more of a sway, most of it accented by her cast, once catching him with a guilty look on his rugged face.

Bathing now was a sensual pleasure as she explored her soapy slick new curves and folds of soft flesh. While her once lean arms developed a noticeable layer of softness, her face remained thin though perhaps with a little softening under her chin. She now had a small but noticeable belly that rounded out from below her larger breasts and stuck out over her panties or jeans. She also had soft love handles that neither t-shirts or tank tops could hide. Her breasts did not gain as much fullness as she hoped but did grow large enough to require her to need a new bra size, going up from 32b to almost a 38c. Exploring her breasts with her hands was a new, sensory treat and feeling them move when she moved made her nipples harden. She wondered if they too would continue to grow.

After toweling off, Taylor gazed at her reflection in the mirror a last time and decided she liked what she saw. She had always wanted a booty and now she had one. The sensation of her thighs touching was starting to turn her on. She also found her soft belly kinda cute and arousing to stroke when full after a big meal. She shuddered wondering what it would feel like if Bill touched it.

She shook her head. Most of all she realized that she enjoyed being lazy without guilt and finally getting to eat all of her favorite foods as much as she could comfortably hold. In fact over the past weeks had rather gotten used to it.

As a bonus, Bill seemed to be more attracted to her than ever...which was a very warming thought.

Digging down into her underwear drawer she felt in the back a pair of tight black lacy Victoria's Secret bra and panties from before her gain. Curious and a little excited she decide to try them on. It was an unexpected struggle...the bra was more than a bit snug, her breast fat spilling out above and below.

My cups runneth over she thought with a warmth in her loins. Her panties even tighter, straining to contain her enhanced rear end until they finally gave up and slipped between her rear cheeks. The waistband was almost painful as it dug underneath her rounded belly, forcing it to fold over creating a small soft underbelly. She shivered as she touched it with her fingertips, stroking the soft underside. Her legs trembled as the reality of her increasing fatness registered in her consciousness, her dreams literally coming true before her eyes and under her fingers.

She was pulled from her thoughts as she heard a knock on the door. "Yes?" she called out.
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AndiFive 5 years
you have to continue!!!
Built4com4t 7 years
thanks juicy! It could use a LOT of editing...but should get better (and livlier) as it moves along :-)
Juicy 7 years
I love how this story is coming along--can't wait to read more. To be honest, it could use a little copy-editing, but it's nonetheless great fun to read!