The speckled waistband

Chapter 1

You know I love not so much the eating part, but the sensations of being a fat woman stretched out, inflated from within, and then feeling your strong, gentle hands, your whispered praise and encouragement.

Its the end result both during and the days after that arouses me ... waking up and feeling incrementally fatter, my belly imperceptively farther out on my thighs, my breasts fuller and heavier, my "rounding" out...even my difficulty breathing or even bending over.

You enjoy having me sit in front of you with my tight, high waisted jeans...very tight, my belly swelling up against them. I groan that I’m starting to feel so very heavy and you lean into me and slip your fingers between my belly and waistband to see how tight they are getting. Not a lot of room you say and stroke the crown of my belly as it pushes out over the top and forces my breasts up my chest. You run your fingertips along the soft bulge of my fat from under my arms out to my navel just above the constricting waistband and I quiver.

Spread your thighs a bit baby, you say... hmm you’re getting very round down here and you stroke my underbelly thru the tight denim and slip your hands between the encased bulge of my belly and my plump thighs.

You see my waistband is stretched as far as it will go and is now sunken deep in my soft belly fat.

mmmm...nice you say, kissing the flesh as it bulges and rolls in a soft curve over my waistband.

Stroking my exposed zipper with your fingernail, I feel the vibration in my belly fat from my breast bone to my vagina and I shudder. I am getting filled up but not full enough say. You listen to me pant and gently prod my belly to see and feel how firm I am getting.

I reach to open my pants to relieve the increasing pain but you stop me, saying that would take away a lot of the fun. Yes my fat baby, you tell me...I want you to feel the tightness increasing as you fatten for me.

You’ve decided to continue feeding me until I am blinking in discomfort, watching me, seeing me so round and distended you reach between my thighs stroking the fat bulge of my pubic pad and feel my wetness, my jeans are completely soaked with my juices I am so aroused by my fatness.

You help me lean back and a shudder runs through my vagina again as I feel my belly change shape. The waistband doesn't dig in quite so much and I feel a little relief. Even so my eyes beg you to loosen my clothes but you resist. Teasing me. The sight of my belly expanding like rising bread as I continue to eat has made you harden and your groin throb as well.

It is much later now, so difficult to breathe now,

I am so very, very full and heavy.

My waistband has become a line of fire around my engorged and swollen middle.

You kneel again between my thighs and this time reach behind me, your fingers massaging the small of my back. You watch me, listening to my soft moans, then a quick, firm pressure forward which causes me to suddenly arch my back toward you splitting my pants open like an over inflated balloon, bursting, a sudden flow of relief and you find your arms full of my gloriously round abdomen.

So very big, so very fat and round.
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Psyman 16 years
"The sight of my belly expanding like rising bread as I continue to eat . . ."

Love this phrase - both visually appealing and tasty imagery!
16 years
Very good!
Built4com4t 17 years
(shrug) many are the same because it's what floats my boat. anyway they're not really stories, more like clumsy prose-like slices of reality that attempt to make as real and tangible as possible an unreal sensory experience.
Fatlilboy 17 years
I do love your stuff, truly. It's refreshing and very nicely descriptive. Only problem is, and if I may just be blunt here, it's nearly the same every time. I, for one, totally enjoy a continuing saga with your wonderful descriptive nature, forcing, fattening, etc. More paragraph breaks and force feeding with a revenge sequence would be suggestions.