The taurus

chapter 1

It was your typical Monday morning. Everyone wandering around glassy eyed from their weekend debauchery and sucking down coffee just to prevent falling asleep on their keyboards. I settled into my cube at the local bank call center and started with my day. I phased in and out for a while when suddenly I caught my manger walking by with our new hire, Samantha. We had heard of someone coming in, but by no means were we expecting her. She was probably in her early thirties. Mahogany hair, porcelain skin, standing about 5'9" and weighing maybe 130 pounds soaking wet with a figure like nothing I had ever seen before; curves that would make a Victoria's Secret model envious. That morning she was dressed to impress with a black form fitting pencil skirt, white silk blouse and red sky high heels. I don't remember much for a while because I think I passed out....

She came and went for weeks, being an industrious worker. She was obviously shy as she hadn't hardly spoken to a soul. And perhaps everyone else in the office was in the same boat I was; I wanted to approach her so badly, but didn't have the gaul to speak to her let alone even look in her direction without feeling like some prepubescent dolt. Her amazing beauty was difficult to believe and the fact that she wasn't wearing a wedding ring or have a picture of a significant other at her desk was even more impossible to ignore. It wasn't until out manager rewarded us with doughnuts one morning that I ever had an opportunity to speak with her. It was standard office conversation of "How are you doing?" and "How's the job going?". She spoke well and moved eloquently around grabbing a few things and then she sauntered quietly back to her desk. I never in my life had a desire to actually be a piece of food, but dear goodness, I wanted to be whatever she was eating. I couldn't help but stare as she sensually nibbled on those doughnuts. I honestly believe she wasn't doing that on purpose, it was just her disposition. So dignified. So cautious. So absolutely oblivious. She seemed to mindlessly munch on that plate of sugary deliciousness, returning over and over until everything was gone. I noticed an ever so slight bulge forming around her waist as her snacking progressed. It was then I started to hope for what I would dream to become a reality; a woman who could gain weight easily and pad an amazing body to the point of utter perfection.

As the days grew colder and the temperatures dropped, Samantha continued to wear the sexiest of clothes. Tight sweaters and jeans. Snug dresses with belts. And then came THE outfit. The one people commented on for weeks; a cream colored turtleneck, a short, tight belted leather miniskirt and knee high black leather boots. Now, most woman couldn't pull that look off without resembling a lady of the night. But she did. She made it classy somehow. Maybe it was her hair. Maybe it was just the way she carried herself in a dignified but not superior air. I don't know. What I do know is that I got absolutely nothing done and I spent my entire day gawking at her; and damn if I didn't noticed. As the end of the day approached she gathered her things and strutted past me headed towards the elevators. Under her breath I thought I heard her ask if I liked what I saw. I quickly gathered my personal items and ran like a lunatic behind her. Those heeled boots made her legs look so long. Her ass was packed tightly into the skirt, swaying melodically from side to side. Her breasts bounced softly as she walked and a small belly bulging out under that belt. It wasn't until we reached the elevator that I got a full view of this amazing goddess. As the doors closed she shot me a look best described as sultry embarrassment. It was then she finally spoke to me, asking "Do you like what you see?" It was at that moment we both realized what was coming...
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Alexlikesbbw 7 years
You're a really good writer
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Not only what, but WHO!!
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What was coming? What was coming!?!
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Nice start, please more
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Please keep the chapters coming because this story has a lot of potential.
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More please. This is great.