The ultra-milkmaids enslave their man

chapter 1

Jeff had finally gotten lucky. A two block walk down to the gas station on the highway had yielded a winning power ball ticket. He took the full 227 million over thirty years .
Word of his good fortune spread quickly from the news coverage. The Ultra milk goddesses took notice. They had been aware of Jeff for years now via his posting on his fetlife page. Jeff was seeking a wife who would nurse him from her breasts.
The Ultra milk goddesses would offer him something far better than one wife to suckle from.
Colleen and Eileen were sisters of Irish descent. They came from a long line of super endowed milk making women who could lactate well into their nineties. Both Colleen and Eileen had given birth to daughters. They nursed each other and each other's daughters continuously now for some 24 years. Colleen was 42 Eileen was 41.
After so many years of suckling they both had developed extraordinary long large breasts full of the most delicious milk on earth. . Their nipples were long dark and thick . As long as a mans index finger and twice as thick. With seven daughters between them nursing every day from both mommas their breasts were best described as enormous..
They decided the best way to approach Jeff was in person at his favorite play ground .... The Nightclub at the Borgata in Atlantic City.
Jeff loved sushi. He dined alone that night at Izakaya the Japanese restaurant at the Borgata. He sat at the bar which gave him a good vantage point of all the beautiful younger women in the restaurant that night. He drank beer with his three plates of sushi. His big round belly pressed against his two xl Nautica cotton shirt. His Belly hung out over his belt which he had to cinch tight to keep his pants from falling down . Jeff had become quite the foodie in his sixty years The once powerful trim athletic rower and surfer swimmer bicycle riding adrenaline junkie had given way to the good looking fat man he was now at sixty.
His only other powerful addiction was that he loved to cum. With that on his mind he sauntered over to the Premiere night club which had recently opened. He wanted to enjoy the parade of young beauties who frequented it on Monday nights. Jeff Had reserved a corner sofa section for himself and ordered three large bottles of Rum and Vodkas which would be poured by hostesses for who ever Jeff wanted to indulge that night.
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Fatlilboy 8 years
First story? Nice job buddy. I can't weight to see what grows.