The warm night sky

Chapter 1 - a vignette

a great belly in your darkening sky, frosty pale needing only the gentle tug, the gravitational urge of a small, earth and a nurturing, mother nature's lips and hands to warm and soften it.

lips and fingers creating massive tremors and geographical orgasms the size, magnitude and duration of the ought-six quake are a result of it's presence hovering over you.

mine came as you lay beneath me, as I floated over your soft hills and deepening valleys, your hardened peaks, your moist, secret clefts, your hands ever so so slowly slipping down, sliding down the silky soft sides of my equator, my belly...lower and lower... lower yet, sliding between belly and quivering inner thighs

pressing up and in as your gravity pulls me down, sliding along the curve of my fattened sac until your fingers touch underneath then lifting

that's it, just lifting. your eyes are on mine and i am swimming deep in yours, a thousand words and desires passed to me silently as you slowly lift and time stops as the results of my endless gluttony is suspended in your hands.

you didn't move them, your hands, or massage the soft underside as you usually do. nor stroke the deepening undercrease that you know drives me wild with desire.

just held it suspended and i knew what you were were sensing the unconscious clench and releasing, the subtle spasmings of my stretched and fat buried muscles pulsing in your warm palms.

you contain a moon quake between your small, strong hands as i shudder, hovering above you...round and full, a pale white orb smooth and fecund.

your fingers feel the valleys and folds of my lunar landscape, stroking the vast smooth plains of my surface, finding the secret canyons, and delving my soft cleft-like crater.

fingers cupping my shuddering mountains, barely touching them as they quiver over you defying gravity.

fingers loving, exploring, lightly touching the smooth soft surface, no breath on this celestial body except yours.

i spin and spin and spin again as my planet explodes showering you with my elements.
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Just Beautiful... xx
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you are just amazing :*