chapter 1

Riley always enjoyed food. In fact she loved it, but since society dictated that in order to be beautiful you must be thin she avoided that love like the plague.

Riley was a gorgeous girl. At 5'10 and 135 pounds she was pretty thin, but with some very nice curves. She had beautiful blonde hair, and perfectly tanned legs that seemed to stretch for miles.

Riley spent a lot of her time either at the gym, or the local health supplement store looking for ways to make her skin glow more, or working on making herself even more "perfect". As a freshman in college she really wanted to try a more mature college relationship.

Then she met Blake. Blake was the power forward for his college basketball's team. At 6'5 and a 3 foot vertical he was the star of the team.

Riley was walking in the quad one day not really paying attention when she ran into someone and dropped her books. She looked up to apologize when she immediately recognized Blake's giant figure towering over her.

"I'm sorry!" She blurted more embarrassed than she'd ever been in her whole life.

"That's alright. I don't mind it when beautiful women run into me," Blake responded with a grin.

"Oh," Riley said surprised as her face grew bright red, "I'm Riley."

"Nice to meet you Riley, I'm Blake," he said picking up her books.

"Yeah I know the star player of the basketball when i see him," Riley squeaked.

"Well I'm glad you know me. We should go out some time," Blake stated.

"Yeah definitely!" Riley responded beatifically.

"How about Friday night at seven?" Blake asked

"Seven sounds great! Here's my number," Riley replied.

"I'll see you then," Blake said putting Riley's number into his phone.

During class Riley didn't pay attention at all. She may as well have not even gone. Dreaming about Blake made it really hard to concentrate on trigonometry.

Later that night Riley made herself a healthy salad for dinner, did some running on the treadmill and picked out her outfit for Friday night. She was so excited about her date the next few days seemed to drag on.
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