Thin and fit to chubby and out of shape

chapter 1

I myself am a 22 year old male and I’m dating this girl named Michelle also 22!

Me and Michelle started dating about a year ago and Michelle and I were both extremely fit going to the gym everyday together and meal preparing and never eating bad foods or cheating but I’ve always been attracted to bigger girls! Over the summer me and Michelle both started off very thin I went into the summer at a buff 200 pounds with a little bellyy but nothing crazy and Michelle on the other hand went into the summer at about 110 5 foot 2 and very very thin no sign of a belly at all! But the diet and gym seemed to slowly fade over the summer and by the end of it no gym at all and no diet whatsoever! I myself stayed thin and fit and Michelle just was always tierd with her work and just started eating fast food for most meals and never going to the gym well I had noticed Michelle had put on a few pounds after she mentioned it but still no belly no signs of any significant weight gain but me being extremely attracted to bigger girls I started buying her fast food for every meal and in large portions and slowly she put on about 10 pounds but with work and just physical activity with the job she stayed relatively thin still no real belly well now we’re back in school again and not working at all! And within the 2 months Michelle has gained another 20 lbs! And weighing in at 140-145 but being so short it’s very noticeable and very sexy! Michelle now has a little pot belly that spills over her jeans no matter what now and although she hasn’t admitted she dislikes or likes it I’ve never found her more attractive she eats and eats and lays in bed all day and huffs and puffs If any physical activity is required she grew the sexiest little stench marks all around her belly and love handles nothing she use to wear fits her so it’s been yoga pants and sweatshirts and she stuffs and stuffs her gut every night after taking a hit and stretches her belly to the max and then needs belly rubs cause it hurts and I don’t really know how to break it to her how much it turns me on but I’ve never been more attracted her butt got huge tits got huge and not has this sexy belly to go with it and cute little love handles and back rolls
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