Tubby temptations

Chapter 1 - i could not stop

"Tubby Temptations:
A Cautionary Tale for Those Curious About Feederism"

I am Tom, and I am addicted to gaining weight and getting fat. I can't stop what has snowballed into an obsession with eating and growing a belly.

Let this be a cautionary tale for you. Please do not start down the path I am on.

I am 6' 1", and I weigh about 175 pounds, or at least I did weigh 175 pounds when this all started. I shudder to think how much I weigh now, and I am afraid to check. I am probably pushing 250 or maybe even more.

And I am very concerned that I won't stop here. In fact, I rather doubt that I can. I'm thinking about getting a carton of ice cream right now and eating the whole thing as I tell this story. Hold on for a moment while I head for the fridge.

Okay, I'm back. Now where was I? The beginning, yes.

I have always been fairly lean and muscular. I work out to achieve and maintain a slender body, or at least, I used to work out before this whole feederism thing started to control my mind. I never imagined that I would gain even a pound - let alone grow chubby and overweight.

What is feederism, you might ask? Well, if you have to ask, I beg you to stop reading now and forget all about this topic.

For as I have found out, feederism is one of the most powerful of all human sexual urges. It combines mankind's biological desire for food and sex into a perversion. Feederism is a downward spiral, believe me. If you know nothing of it, it is best you keep it that way and stop reading this right now.

At first, I found myself attracted to curvy women, you know the sort - wide hips and big bouncy boobs. Soon, though, I found that such women also usually sport at least a small domelike belly or a mound of Venus which is quite pronounced, a round bulge below their belly buttons and above their vaginas.

I also noticed in high school that many teen girls were getting pleasingly plump as their bodies developed sexually. So as time went on, my sexual "ideal" shifted, and I started to become fascinated with women who were progressively getting bigger and bigger and . . .

Well, it became an obsession with me. I would be fascinated with those tabloids and "Us" and "People" magazines which showed off even small amounts of weight gain among beautiful female celebrities. But soon, that weight gain was not enough to satisfy my sexual desires.

I started surfing the internet, Googling "weight gain" and "fat women" and "erotic weight gain" and "fat fetish". It didn't take me long to find a whole subculture devoted to feederism - deriving sexual pleasure from the weight gain of others or of one's self.

And I started cruising buffet restaurants and ice cream shops, finding young ladies who were pigging out at the buffet tables or diving into ice cream sundaes. I would secretly observe them, fantasizing that their pants were getting tighter, that their bellies were ballooning, that they were popping buttons and ripping seams.

I kept this fantasy hidden from my friends and family all this time, not daring to actually go out with a plump woman. All this time, around my guy buddies, I pretended to be interested in the thin ideal woman.

This all remained in my fantasy world. Sure, to make myself look normal, I dated a few "ideally thin" young women. But I really never found anyone as interested as the plumpers I discovered online.

And I had no idea how much further my perversity would descend. Soon, I was no longer aroused by small weight gains of 10 or 20 pounds. I began to find interest only in the stories of women who gained more than 100 pounds. I hate to admit this - shudder - but soon, I also started to find the notion of making a woman immobile to be the ultimate sexual fantasy.

I roleplayed with women online who were into this. Many just wanted to experiment with the notion of getting fatter. Others enjoyed being teased, humiliated, treated like pigs or worse. And my depravity deepened into a hellish chasm which threatened to engulf my very soul.

And yet I could not stop.

Eventually, I began to read a few stories about men who gained weight. At first intrigued by this, I imagined what it would be like to gain 10 pounds or so. Soon, the notion was turning me on, and my newest fantasies included being fattened against my will by a beautiful woman. I hate to admit this, but I even started thinking about being fattened for the sexual pleasures of men as well.

How could all this have happened to me! I was the red-blooded all-American apple-pie-and-Chevrolet young man. And yet deep inside my mind were the sexual instincts of a perverse weight-gain fetishist.

Now, I began hunting for young women online who would like to roleplay scenarios where they fattened me by forcefeeding or other devious means. It turns me on to sit for hours as we roleplay some sick storyline where I end up unhealthy and morbidly obese, at the mercy of her strange desires.

(to be continued)
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FrecherTyp 5 years
hehe very nice ^^ and sexy and a happy New Year to you ^^
Balloon 8 years
This is a natural progression. It mirrors my own. Please continue!