Weight gain to love

Chapter 1

**Some of the events in the story do not follow reality**

In a murky seaside town that had seen its hay day in the 50's a young lady called Annita was working hard in an office for the local council. A lady of dark brown hair, hazel eyes and 160lb evenly portioned body.

Even since she could remember she fantasied about being bigger or of other people people gaining.

Often during her sexual encounters she used to fantesise about people gaining rather than on the actual event taking place.

When she was 27 she discovered a young gentleman online and he was ecouraging her via email, online chat and text to grow bigger and bigger. she sought confidence in him and began to attain her dream figure, breaking free of stereo types which the office community enforced. So over the coming months she wined and dined on all the foods she loved and those he suggested, soon she gained 52lbs over the winter period, a hefty gain.

when she return after christmas, returning to her cubicle in the office she gentle squeezed herself into her office chair, legs apart to allow her belly to sit comfortably. During every lunch-time instead of popping out for a cheap sandwhich she could sit in the girls toilet and eat all that she could fit into her big handbag. Consisting of solely of chocolate bars, she had got it to a knack that she had enough chocolate to continously feed herself for the duration of the hour lunch.

Throughout these office hours she would be text from this unknown provoctour to spur her on.

Some days her shirt would grow very tight and her buttons would fly off underneath her desk, ever fearing her belly would grow to the point that she couldnt hide it under her desk. However, her breasts were growing too, at quite a phenominal rate and it was affect her reach to operate the keyboard easily...She took great pleasure from these moments.

Soon her gentlemanly encourager told her he had some time off and so he was going to pop down to her dingly sea side resort. she knew she want to impress him to show off her new found curves, her extended bottom, her ever growing breasts as well as her ever swelling belly.

she set off eating more and more, taking holiday so she could use the time to feed herself. She looked at protein shakes to help her gain. It was succeeding, the night before he was due to arrive she spent all day gorging herself, splitting her tights then to the point where her huge belly would no longer allow her dressing gown to wrap around her. let alone cover her giagantic ass, so huge, so swollen she wore tight clothes to exaggerate her figure.

By night fall she retired to bed putting on her xxxxxl tartan pj's which were quite baggy on her. Over night all those protein shakes and all day stuffings began to take effect, making her body swell to new levels, unkown to her.

when she awoke, she saw her covers were alot higher than normal, sliding them off her saw this enormous belly rising high, the pj's now bursting at the seams around her fat body, fat bulging out off ever free space. Her belly now span from one side of her double bed to another. she slowing moved her hands across her body mapping her new dimensions, she was so happy, so aroused. she sat put feeling her belly over take her knees, looking down all she could see was the wonder of her beautiful fat belly, hugging it, squeezing it!

she eventually stood up, with a few failed attempts before hand, wobbled over to the scales to see her glorious new weight. Alas she was too big to see the scales her belly protooded too far around her to see anything, with a smile for joy. She turned around and saw the time and new she had to dash to meet her mystic lover.

looking in the wardrobe she had nothing to match her scale, and her pj's were too tight for her to pull off so she simply bent over, the expansion of her bouncy fatty ass was too much for the cotton and it tore, a huge ripping sound and before anything else her beloved pj's were just a heap of shreds on the floor.

she randomly chose a t-shirt and some stretchy lycra leggins. The leggins compressed her fat giving her a more rounded physique but revealing all due to the over strethced fabic, showing off her pants. Her belly hung over the leggins hiding the sight of her pants (now looking like a tight thong) trying to cover her wet vagina. Her ass on the otherhand was half out of these leggins, too big to be contained.

Her t-shirt just covered her boobs and almost to her belly buttom, a t-shirt only a few days ago was the baggiest thing she owned.

she had no time she set out squeezing through the doorframe of her bedroom, morphing her belly and breasts to diameters of the carpentry.

she was free, leaving the house carrying a huge tankard of the special milkshake which had given her ample curves.

moving swiftly towards the sea shore where her mystic lover awaited she notice her clothes where ripping, tighening...she was getting bigger, quite noticably. Her pants were digging in, every stride she took she seamed to have gained an inch. Then BANG, her pants had had enough, they snapped unable to take the size of her ass, too much!

she strode onwards, drinking her milkshake almost by the gallon. Her breasts ever increasing made her t-shirt ride up towards her expansive nipples, erect from the sensual feeling she received from her growing shape.

She soon down the milk shake and had to make use of her hands, holding onto her oversized belly to prevent it from giggling so much but also to caress the fat, her hands unable to reach and meet each other around her belly, she strode onwards.

to be continued...
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