What a life

  By Jskeez

Chapter 1

Jami plopped down on the couch, "Ahhh finally done". She had just finished unpacking all her stuff now that she decided to live with her boyfriend. After the chore of unpacking, she told her boyfriend, Jake, that she was going to take a shower.

As she got undressed, she examined herself in the mirror as she always did. She loved to look at her curvaceous body. Jami was 5'4, Hispanic, brunette, and weighed 135 pounds. She was proud of how much she weighed because it suited her best. She also never had to worry about what she ate because she always had a high metabolism. Her favorite part of her body though was definitely her boobs. She had a nice set of C’s. She thought that was a great size for her and didn’t care what anyone else thought. Another great feature about her was her big ass. It was very plump and always looked great in the jeans she wore. Her boyfriend, Jake, always complimented her ass because he loved that it was so big. He always said she had an ass like Jay Lo or Kim Kardashian.

After her relaxing shower, she headed down to Jake, who at the moment was making dinner. "Hey babe, what you cooking?" she wondered. "Oh, I'm making some barbecue cheeseburgers, and since it's our official first day together I'm going to whip up a batch of cookies." "Wow! That sounds delicious! You’re the best!" She gave him a peck on the cheek and sat down on the couch watching T.V. awaiting her soon to be meal.

"Babe it's ready!" Jake called out. She came to the table and awed at the meal in front of her. As they began to eat, she attacked her burger. She let out a moan as she was devouring the burger. "This is so good babe!" "Ha thanks." She continued on without haste and tore through the burger; luckily he had made more than two. A few minutes later, "That was so good babe," she mentioned as she got up from her chair. She put up her plate and took a seat on the couch. She looked down at her belly only to see a little bulge pushing her shirt out. Even though she could tell that she overate she didn't feel pain in her stomach and was still up for the cookies.

Jake had brought the cookies to her when they were done. "Mmm, they smell delicious hun." she stated. "Thanks I hope you like them." "Trust me, I'm sure I will." They started to eat as they were watching T.V. Jake had taken one, and after about ten minutes, he reached for another and found none. He looked over at Jami only to find she was sound asleep. Although Jami didn't know, Jake definitely knew that he loved his girl to be a chubby girl and only dreamed of her to be 250 pounds one day. But, he never thought that could really happen in actuality so he never went after what he wanted. Although, after what he saw that night of her gorging on the burgers and the cookies he began to think it was possible.
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Jskeez 13 years
new chapter tomorrow or tonight
Jskeez 13 years
nahh I'm going to add another chapter tomorrow most likely
Jazzman 14 years
Good Start. Keep the pace realistic and you've got a rea winner on your hands!