Why i write

  By Built4com4t

Chapter 1 - word pictures

it occurred to me this morning in the shower, playing out a scene in my mind...the hot water is flowing, my skin is slick with soap. i held a mirror under my belly and with my fingers tried to imagine what you would see and feel if you were down there, imagining my fingertips as yours.

what would you see? what would you feel?

through the steam my huge belly looms, you'd see my hanging sac of belly fat, pulled down by its contents, glistening with a glistening sheen of soap and hot water collecting at the lowest point.

imagine you are kneeling next to me, holding my soft thick thigh in one arm as you lean into me while you reach up and gently touch the swollen mass suspended above you.

i am a giant towering over you, my swollen belly a glistening smooth orb suspended above you; its smooth texture, like warm butter in a pale silken bag, yields to your fingers as you push up into it. you would be thinking of all the food it took to create that much fat, and how rewarding it is to see it now preserved, stored in a most amazing structure...yes?

you feel the weight of that mass as you gently push up with both hands and expose my pubic pad, a triangular bulge of fat punctuated by my plump scrotum hanging against my fat thighs and my manhood above, slowly and uncontrollably becoming erect as you explore me. feel the heaviness in your hands...see it shudder when you lift and let it fall suddenly slapping against my thighs.

now slide your hand under and feel the back of your hand sliding against my aroused member as you force your fingers up into the deep crease between my belly and pubic fat. feel the pressure of my underbelly on the palm of your hand, the incredible softness of my pubic fat on its back. feel how heavy it is...how hugely and marvelously fat you have made me. stroke the deepness of that fold from hip to hip and feel my body shudder as spasms of pleasure echo through my groin.

you know how to please me so well.

still not large enough for you, my abdomen has become a large spherical surface with your help and encouragement, deep creases forming under my breasts and underarms as you push upwards, your arms virtually disappearing as you work up underneath. magical sensations as i feel your fingers either side of my pubic fat, softly sliding against a warm, slick inner thigh.

it is incredibly erotic to be this fat, all belly...my plump fat breasts almost as large as yours. especially now when my stomach and intestines are full of food, distended in a great arc below them. the great sag of it enfolding my aroused cock as you urge me to lean forward, magnifying my fatness, increasing your pleasure at the sight of a man so hugely fat.

when I lean forward, my belly swelling downwards i am very aroused, feeling my manhood pulsing under my belly, a throbbing in my loins. it is amazing to be in this distended state and lovingly tended as you do, to feel this swollen sack gently pushed up exposing my manhood, your warm wet lips and tongue encircling it as you palpitate my belly fat; an increasing weight that swings out in front of me, hanging heavier and heavier as i gorge and fatten for you.

i love describing the sensations and hear the effect those sensations are having on your body as they become real in your mind...to hear your breathing quickening, see your face flush as a wave of warmth radiates through your loins, your nipples tingling, erect. so aroused you near your peak without external stimulation.

beautiful, sensual, arousing


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