Why hello! Click this story 😂
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In a world where animal girls are not only real - but also kept as pets by the rich and affluent - one lonely girl discovers true love in her pet...
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An ex girlfriend needs a hand... with some consequences.
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Eu não sei inglês então se alguém quiser traduzir eu agradeço mais digam de quem é a história. E se eu ouvir alguém reclamar que tá em português eu entro na sua casa e faço você engolir o PC
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When the GWF's top women's wrestler decides to try something new, she has a year to go up to a mythical weight class. Can she do it and get the gold?
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2 weeks
Silly, unrealistic story about a family with a special trait...
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A short story about a girl being force fed into a big fat pig
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Brooke has just found out she is pregnant and is terrified about getting a belly but Jessie will grow her own for mutual support.
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2 months
Sarah is a young ussbbw who loves sweets. Ever since she was a kid people have called her sweet Sarah. Because of the candy, but also her endearing personality.
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3 weeks
A young person who is "Not in Education, Employment, or Training". In the future, if you overextend a two-year grace period, NEETs are adopted by handlers. Most are kind. Some are perverse and nefarious. Often it's hard to tell them apart.
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