Mission: Insatiable Part 2

Chapter 1

Gina sits patiently at the back of a storage room in the Hostess factory. She is hidden behind some stacks of milk chocolate awaiting their inclusion in one of Hostess' many tasty treats. SHe had decided to have some for herself, and at this point, she has had a little bit more than some. Gina pulls out her cell phone and calls her friend Cindy who is on the factory tour.

"Gina?" asks Cindy, answering the phone,"where are you?"

"Oh Cind...I had to run to the bathroom...I felt so nauseous, so I ran to the bathroom...uhhhh...not good..."

"Oh shit...sorry....where are you now? We are leaving this dumbass place soon."

"I left, I got a cab and had to just get the fuck home. I'm wrecked...must be some kinda shitty stomach virus. Can you please let that lady know...I'd appreciate, Cind."

"Yeah, sure...sorry to hear that honey...oh shit...but I gotta go now....we're getting on the bus. Feel better!"

"Thanks Cind. Talk to you later."

Gina hangs up and stuffs a melty glob of milk chocolate into her mouth. The chocolate is getting all over her factory coat, dripping down onto her soft round belly table.

After a while, roughly a pound or two of chocolate in chocolate standard time, Gina starts to feel kind of sleepy and realizes she has about an hour before she can leave the room. Gina opens her bag and takes out a saran wrapped brownie. She unwraps the brownie and then consumes it in one mouthful. The slightly illegal recipe meant it was definitely homemade and not store brought. Gina uses her bag as a makeshift pillow and then starts to drift off to sleep.

As a dream fades in, Gina can see the city across the river, the sun shining blue....amidst the buildings is a large pink orb, must be four blocks wide and twenty stories tall. Instantly on the building, Gina is right above the pink orb. She sees strands of long red hair, same color as Gina, hanging down from one part of the orb. The hair moves and there is a face...Gina looks into her own face realizing the massive orb is a swollen fat body.

"DUN DU DUN DU DUN....DUN DU DUN DU DUN..." her cell phone alarm rings.

Gina wakes up startled out of her dream.

"WHOA!!" Gina stumbles up as the brownies have already taken hold.

Gina's stomach groans and she holds it, looking at it in a pained way.

"Sooooon...hang on," she reassures her belly.

Gina opens her programming application on her laptop. It is all set up with company IP addresses and passcode bypasses. All she has to do is press 'Enter' and the factory floor becomes practically invisible. Thoughts of potential terrorism charges fly in and right out of her head as she presses 'Enter.'

"Okay....no turning back....showtime," Gina says to herself with an ever widening snide smile.

As she packs up her things to go, she scoops up a last bite of chocolate, and out the door she goes.
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