the break-up

Polly was fresh out a three year relationship and ready to have some fun. Her ex, Jamie, had been a nice guy, but he was obsessed with fitness and remained stubbornly thin the whole time they were together. So, when they hit a rough patch, Polly didn't find herself working too hard to repair the cracks in their relationship. She felt it was time to move on to something that excited her a lot more.

Polly considered herself a feeder; a lady who appreciated the fat gained by men as well as the acts of making that happen: stuffing, bloating and pampering, to name but a few. At the end of high school she had always been more attracted to the fatter guys, rather than the conventionally slim ones. Something about their carefree attitude and big appetites just drove her wild. She wanted to cater for a guy like that and just watch him grow fatter and fatter under her influence. Just the idea drove her crazy. She wanted to tell a guy how fat she was going to make him and watch him eat and eat in order to please her. When considering that, how the hell had she ended up with Jamie for so long? Now it was absolutely clear to her that she was becoming less and less attracted to skinny guys and more attracted to the big bellied fat boys.

Two weeks after the break up, Polly advertised herself as a feeder on a gaining website. She was keen to meet up with guys who were serious about getting significantly fatter; all for her pleasure, of course.

Polly knew she was a hot girl, tall and slim with a pretty face and long, voluminous blonde hair; she didn't find it hard to attract a few overweight guys on the site. However Polly noted with bitterness, a couple of months later, that the idea of being a feeder had been a lot hotter than the reality. Sure, guys could talk the talk about getting fatter, but she had yet to meet any guy who had the appetite they claimed to when they spoke to her online. How was Polly supposed to help a guy gain a massive gut if they thought eating 2 burgers was enough? The more she spoke to gainers online, the more and more frustrated she became: big talk, no action.

Some guys claimed they wanted to meet up and then bottled out of it; others lived hundreds of miles away and wanted her to marry them.

All in all, Polly began to think that she would never find anyone to make this kink work for her.
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A very fun turning of the tables!
Amazing, really nice writing and I love the suspense back-and-forth action! Can't wait for more.
feeder862 1 month
Only two chapters left to go on this one...
Jack-Elray 1 month
Loving the story!
A small suggestion that you can feel free to ignore hahaha. Don’t have her accept being a ‘fat girl’ yet, it always hits home better if she has a period of wanting to get back in shape before realising she is a feedee as much as a feede
I love this direction!
Really looking forward to reading the end of this. Your stories are my favorite on this sight.
Hazardose 2 months
This is a great read... please continue this.. with her trying in vane to feed him... she'll get him to the club to show him off but shell be the bomb!
jens01 2 months
very hot more please
td0057 2 months
Always like stories where the tables are turned. Great start! Looking forward to more.