judy and jealousy

Chapter 1 hey Jude. . . E

Judy sat in the dining area of a local burger joint. She took another bite of her burger. It was a pub burger from Whindies, an obvious Wendy’s knockoff that somehow was not shut down yet five years after opening. She had put on a few pounds that month, up to 171, but she was only 18, and losing weight wasn’t too hard. Judy had been mocked relentlessly for her eating by her fraternal twin sister Peggy. All Judy could think was. Well, ***, I have a burger. She put it down to take a sip of her shake and shove some fries into her mouth. After swallowing she said “Well, I may be blonde, but I’m not dumb. That’d be my sister.” Half hoping that Peggy actually heard it, but no, she was at the counter getting her own order. Peggy came to the table to sit with Judy, and set down a tray with a lettuce wrapped burger. Judy said “Oh, I don’t remember seeing those at Wendy’s. Did they start ripping off other people too? Peggy laughed and said “Nope, I asked for it special, because I don’t want to get fat like a certain someone and be alone forever.” Judy tossed a fry into her mouth and said “Good thinking sis! You have got to watch your weight pretty closely. Looks are all you’ve got after all. You’d better keep close tabs on em’.” With that Judy stuck out her tongue before taking another slup of her shake and giving an exaggerated ‘MMM” sound to emphasize just how good it was.

Judy wasn’t lying. Peggy was the very image of traditional beauty, she was tall, pretty, and had smooth, sleek skin. Worst of all her body nearly devoid of fat everywhere but her chest, which had plenty of it. A fact that Peggy reminded Judy of every opportunity she got. But Peggy had almost no positive qualities outside of her looks. She was cruel, quick to insult, and not exactly bright. Which lead to Judy tossing those insults right back at her.

Judy was nearly the opposite, her build had lead to her schoolmates calling the two Daphne and Velma as a joke. She was shorter, rather heavy, and wore thick glasses that she was nearly blind without. The only physical trait she had that fit traditional beauty standards was that Judy, like her sister, had a rather large chest. Her sister had repeatedly told her it was nothing to be proud of, “having big boobs because you’re fat is like having a fast car because its falling off a cliff.” It was a joke that Judy had heard her sister repeat far too often after one of the boys at school had said it. However, Judy was a pretty quick thicker, and she could usually think of a comeback for her sister. The few times she couldn’t she called Peggy the first insult she could think of. Because a quick temper was the one mental trait they shared.

Judy and Peggy spent the next 20 minutes together, eating and trading insults, as Judy would randomly remind her sister how good her food was, which never failed to upset Peggy. A fact that Judy wouldn’t have sized upon so strongly if Peggy didn’t make it so obvious just how much she wished she could have some. Judy had long since accepted her role as the more doughy sister. As such she gave up on trying to be skinny, which only made her gain more weight. A fact that her sister never let her forget.

At the end of their meal together Peggy stood up to leave and said “Oh! I’d better get going! I have a hot date with a hotter guy tonight!.” Judy smirked and said “Enjoy being a slut, I know it’s your only source of happiness after all.” Peggy did a quick 360 and stuck out her tongue as she walked out of the burger joint. Meanwhile Judy flipped her sister off and kept eating her food. She had gone slower on her burger since her attention was divided between that, her fries, and her shake. “Well, at least I can eat whatever I want, unlike that bimbo.” She said to nobody in particular as she continued to eat.

Judy spent the rest of her meal angrily talking to herself, saying “Fine, fuck that skinny bitch, I’ll just get more to eat. Because I CAN. I can do whatever the hell I want to,” Then she got up and went to the trash can while continuing to rant to herself. “I’ll show her, maybe she has all the attention from the boys, but I am free!” Then quietly under her breathe “Free to drown my sorrows in carbs anyway.” As she tossed out her, now empty, shake cup, and the wrapper of her burger, which she kept eating as she got back in line. It was a short line anyway, it only had two people in front of Judy, who continued to rant to herself as she waited.

Before she knew it Judy was up to the counter, she looked down at the last couple bites of burger in her hand and shoved it all into her mouth as she walked up in line, swallowing as quickly as she could. She had the same guy working the register as earlier, and he recognized her and said “Forget something ma’am?” in an extremely polite tone. Judy, who had spent the last few minutes ruminating about the situation with her sister said “Yeah, I forgot I was a fucking pig. Get me another set of the same, a pub burger, a shake, and fries. Actually, what burger here has the most calories?” The man gave her a quizzical look and said “Uummm, the pub burger actually, if you get a triple anyway.” Judy said “Great! Then make it a triple.” The man repeated his look and Judy said “Hey! I can do what I want can’t I? Not like I have a boyfriend to worry about.” Then she thought for a second and added in a badly faked tone of confidence “Not that I’d care anyway!” Before slamming the money on the counter and walking off without waiting for the cashier to respond. She knew what this would cost and had paid it rounded up a dollar. He could keep the change.

Judy wasn’t hungry at all, but she wished they would hurry up. She had made a bit of a scene and a few people were staring at her. Judy liked to pretend that she didn’t care what anybody saw, but that wasn’t quite true in the end. Once the food was ready she took it and went back to her table with an embarrassed blush on her face. This felt dirty, it felt like it had to be kept a secret. When Judy sat down she took out her burger, fries and shake. Taking a sip of the shake Judy’s excitement only grew. She looked around to see if anyone was watching her. Nobody was, except for one person, the man who worked at the counter, who she had never given a second thought to. He was watching her every second that he wasn’t busy taking an order. Judy started eating her burger while watching the man. He had very light skin, which made it very clear that he was blushing. He had short, black hair, Judy couldn’t tell a person’s eye color from such a distance normally, but she could easily tell that his were brown with his intense stare. Judy tossed the straw of her shake aside and drank some after shoving some fries into her mouth. Judy had always loved the way fries tasted along with a shake. The way the weight, salt, and grease of the fries swirled together with the sweet and pure vanilla milkshake was always enjoyable. But right now? With her stomach near burstingly full, with someone staring at her eating, it was too much. Judy had heard good food called orgasmic before, but this time she literally felt a sexual sort of excitement.

Judy wasn’t just full, she was FULL, but right now it just felt too good eating to stop. She felt high, she felt like her head was swimming. It felt like actual sex had been merely pinpricks of pleasure that made her smile, only drops of joy. But now? Now Judy was swimming in a sea of satisfaction. She ate like a woman possessed, stuffing fries into her mouth, taking bite after bite of her burger without waiting to chew and swallow before taking another bite. Pouring her milkshake into her mouth to fill in every crevice of air or emptiness in her mouth and stomach with more food. Judy ate her burger, fries, and shake at the same rate more or less, so she would finish them all at the same time. As she got closer and closer to finishing her meal she felt closer and closer to finishing in another way. Judy felt like she was nearly done, like she had to finish now, and like she needed that final bit and needed it now, and yet, part of her wished it would never end. As she watched her burger vanish bite by bite, nearing nothingness, as her fries did the same, and her shake drained into her stomach Judy could feel her excitement building. She was almost done, almost done with the biggest meal she had in her life. The biggest she could remember anyway. Judy’s excitement mounted as she looked up to the man manning the register. His blush had grown so deep that his face looked like it might burst from the blood building up in it. Judy imagined him feeling just as excited as her, that they were sharing a dirty secret, almost fucking here in the middle of the restaurant and the excitement finally became too much to bear.

Judy climaxed as she swallowed down the last bite of her burger. Having finished her first meal that was literally orgasmic Judy leaned back in her chair breathing for a time. She felt her stomach fuller than she had thought possible, a fullness that she had been ignoring in the throws of passion and pleasure. A fullness that hurt quite badly, but the pain felt strangely good, almost like she wanted it to hurt. Judy almost passed out in her seat, as she leaned back into the soft red cushion on her back and closed her eyes.

The next thing Judy knew she was awakening in that same spot. The man who had been working the register gently shook her shoulder saying “Hey, my shift is over, you want to step out with me and talk?” Judy mumbled “Is the place closing?” he shook his head and said “No, Whindies is 24/7, it never closes, but my shift is over and I need to talk with you. I can snag you a free meal later, or at least my treat, but I want to talk now.” Judy nodded and tried to heave herself into a standing position, failing and falling back down on her butt. The man helped her up after and they walked out with Judy leaning on his arm. When they got outside the man saw Judy to her car, where he asked to come in so they could speak more privately, and Judy agreed. Judy practically fell into the driver’s seat as the man walked around. He sat on the passenger’s seat and said “Alright, dear God you are the sexiest thing I have seen in my life.” Judy laughed and said “Me? I’m just the fat girl.” The man smiled and nodded saying “No, not yet, but if that’s a regular dinner for you then you will be in no time.” Chuckling a bit as he finished. Judy said “What, you sound like that’s a good thing.” And the man nodded, saying “Honestly? Yes, I think it is. At least it’s damned exciting, and based on the look on your face during it, I’m pretty sure you feel the same.”
After this the man held out his right hand and said “Hi, my name’s Donovan, but everyone calls me Don.” Judy shook his hand and said “Judy, and no, that was not my plan going out tonight.” Don said “Oh? You’re starting out strong, if you want someone to come with you to your second, then I’m your man!” before dropping his voice and saying “Please.” In a quietly pleading tone. Judy said “I don’t know, that was good, it was damned good, but. . .” And trailed off. After it was clear that Judy was saying no more Don asked “But what?” and Judy said “But, it isn’t healthy, it isn’t right.” Don grimaced and nodded saying “Yeah, it’s not healthy. But right? I don’t know. I can’t say.” And shrugged “As for the health issue that’s on you, if you think it’s not worth it that’s your call. If you want to stay thin than this probably won’t take you in that direction.” Judy laughed so hard that she snorted before saying “Stay thin? Wouldn’t that require that I be thin to begin with? You could tell my sister that. But that particular ship has sailed for me a while ago. Being thin isn’t really an option for me.” Don said “Well, then why not have some fun?” As Judy began to open her mouth to answer Don said “Alright, I can’t make you do anything. But you know where to find me, I work at the Whindies from nine to five on weekdays. Feel free to drop by any time you want a repeat of tonight, my treat.” Then opened the door and said “See you later, sexy.” Before blowing Judy a kiss and walking off to his own car.
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