"a love that filled every desire: the journey of emily's growth"

Chapter 1

In the laid back city of Palm Beach, Florida, there lived a man named Ethan. He led a rather peculiar lifestyle known as "feederism." For Ethan, the beauty and allure of a woman lay in her size, as he found great pleasure in encouraging them to gain weight and become larger.

One day, while going about his usual routine, Ethan met a lovely lady named Emily. There was an instant spark between them, and they began spending more and more time together. As they got to know each other better, Ethan couldn't help but notice Emily's slim figure. His mind immediately started racing with thoughts of how he could encourage her to embrace the feeder lifestyle.

In the beginning, Ethan approached the topic with caution, not wanting to scare Emily away. He subtly introduced her to the concept, mentioning stories he had read online and explaining the beauty he saw in women who embraced their size. Emily was intrigued, albeit a little hesitant. She had never considered such a lifestyle before, but she trusted Ethan and his unusual desires.

As time went on, Ethan and Emily's relationship deepened, and their connection grew stronger. Ethan's gentle encouragement, combined with Emily's own curiosity, led her to experiment with the idea of gaining weight. She started indulging in delicious meals, and Ethan delighted in feeding her, savoring every bite she took. Emily, too, found herself enjoying the sensation of being well-fed and pampered.

Months turned into years, and Emily's body gradually began to change. Her once slender frame transformed as the extra pounds accumulated. Ethan lavished her with compliments and adoration, which only fueled her desire to continue growing. Emily became addicted to the feeling of being filled to the brim and the pleasure it brought her and Ethan.

Emily's progress was steady but controlled, ensuring her health was maintained throughout the process. However, as time passed, the weight gain became more noticeable. Emily's mobility started to decline, and she found herself needing assistance to move around. At first, it was just a few extra pounds that hindered her, but as she continued to grow, it became clear that her immobility was imminent.

Despite her increasing size and limited mobility, Emily never felt more content. She reveled in the attention and care Ethan provided, cherishing their unique bond. Their love had blossomed along with Emily's body, and she felt complete in a way she had never experienced before.

Ethan, ever the doting partner, took great pride in caring for Emily. He adapted their living arrangements, ensuring their home was equipped with everything she needed to live comfortably. Emily's world centered around their love and the ever-growing dimensions of her body.

As the years passed, Emily's size became truly immobile. She had reached a point where her body required constant support and assistance for even the simplest tasks. But despite her physical limitations, her spirit soared. She found solace in the affection Ethan showered upon her and the acceptance she had discovered within herself.

Their extraordinary love story defied societal norms, as they found happiness and fulfillment in a lifestyle that some might consider unconventional. Emily's immobility had become a testament to the deep bond they shared and the beauty they found in embracing their unique desires.

Together, Ethan and Emily continued their journey, navigating life with unwavering love and devotion. Their extraordinary story was a reminder that love knows no bounds, and that true happiness can be found in the most unexpected places.
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BBWLuvaRI 2 months
This was one fantastic story, thank you so much for sharing this!
Kamina 2 months
I feel like the story is a heartfelt effort, woven in a flowery eloquence. Honestly, that makes it endearingly novel though; nice work.
Trick66 3 months
Almost like a computer wrote this
HeFeedee 3 months
Clearly I have to dumb my stories down. Thanks for letting me know.