sadie’s mission

Chapter 1 - Prologue

Imagine, if you will, a house. Regular, unassuming, and nestled deep within suburbia. This house is everything you may stereotypically expect: a multi-bedroom, single-floor ranch style home, complete with green lawn and white picket fence. And for good measure, imagine that several carbon copies of this home exist up and down all the way down the block.

This house is so bland, you’d be forgiven for never having registered its existence, even if you’d been staring at it for multiple hours. And, for the sake of argument, let’s say you had done exactly that. Even then, you could probably make the successful argument that the home lay vacant, ready for a family of 4 to simply spring into existence and take up residence.

In fact, the only counterpoint to that line of thought would be the appearance of delivery people, at pretty much regular intervals throughout the day (and sometimes at night too, but hopefully you haven’t stared at the house that long). And no, not just any old deliveries, but food deliveries, from every junk establishment the human mind has ever dared to dream of.

And this, you imaginer of homes you, belies the one interesting thing about this house - the woman inside. Her name is Sadie, and for the sake of a polite introduction, let’s just go ahead and say that she’s… not a petite lady. Now let’s see what she’s up to.

At that very moment, Sadie eyed a carton of melted butter. Well, it had certainly been hot and melty an hour ago, but she worried it was starting to solidify. Shrugging it off with the light concern of last week’s weather, she grabbed one of the twelve small burgers she’d just had delivered and dunked it right into the calorific semi-liquid.

11 burgers later, Sadie’s moans of satisfaction came loudly as she massaged her full, enormous belly. All this to the rhythm of loud, deep breaths, whose frequency and depth could only be associated with the morbidly obese. And yet, duty called.

There was still a little butter left in the container, the rest being in her belly or on her face and hands, and one burger remained. With the Herculean effort of an action movie hero making one last stand, Sadie grabbed the burger, dunked it, and drew it toward her drooling maw…
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Batman 2 days
Will Daphne start gaining again?
Blarg328 1 day
Oh the things that can happen when your college bestie’s a glutton…
Batman 3 days
Great stuff so far, can’t wait to see what happens with Sadie and Daphne’s friendship
Blarg328 3 days
Me too!!
JigglyArms 3 weeks
getting even better as it goes along
Blarg328 1 week
Glad you think so!! smiley
Jazzman 1 month
Nice touch. Good little re direction on chapter 15.
Jazzman 1 month
This is a favorite. Always a good read
Blarg328 1 week
Bbman30 1 month
These last few chapters have been great! Can’t wait to see where this goes, the characters are endearing and real.
Jazzman 1 month
I really like this. Hoping her gain accelerates. It would even be a plus to see her Monday morning weight.
This story is a favorite.
Blarg328 1 month
Glad you like it! Her gain will definitely accelerate, with plenty of weight updates along the way smiley Remember - there’s a bunch more story to come!
JigglyArms 2 months
Cant wait to see where this goes
Tom123 3 months
this is amazing!
Jazzman 3 months
I like this. It's innocent while still having the hotness component. Just two main characters is also nice. Looking forward to more.
Blarg328 3 months
Thanks! It’s definitely a slow burn - there’s much more to come!
Makeme300 3 months
Love this
Unknown91 3 months
good start smiley