casual meeting

Chapter 1 - meeting

J was sitting relaxed on a bench in front of the ticket booth when he saw her the first time. A great looking young lady came towards him. She was tall, around 1,85 m, with a very curvy figure. People would certainly call her plump but for him she looked more like an Amazon.
Not exactly his type, but at least the best looking woman he saw since he arrived the day before. It seems like people here tended to be very tall and slim.
So he enjoyed watching her entering the ticket center and then followed her with his eyes going back over the place to a pizzeria. He thought about following her, but his ship was coming and so he walked over the short pier to board.
He had booked a tour around the harbour and was eager to get a good place on the upper deck to get the best view.
He was lucky and started to look around enjoying all the small details on the boat as well as the great scenery around. Big ferries, old three- and four-masters, steamboats, as well as a small draw bridge.
When he looked back over the pier his eyes fell again on that lanky young lady. But this time she wasn't alone. His eyes were drawn to the very round figure of her friend. She was older and quite fat. Much shorter than the Amazon she clearly struggled to keep pace with her tall friend.
The woman wore a form fitting t-shirt that emphasized her big chest and her full figure. She was round all over with a belly, wide hips and big thighs, totally delicious he thought. When she reached the boat she was totally out of breath. Her face was read and she was gasping for air.
Some minutes later he saw her slowly coming up the steep stairs to the upper deck. pulling herself up by the bannister.
Luckily the only free row was at his table. Her friend slipped in so that she could squeeze herself on the outer part of the bench, barely fitting in.
The tour started and he has to switch his attention between the beautiful view in front of him and the great scene of the harbour.
The two women chatted animatedly and he watched fascinated by the movements of her body. She had thick soft upper arms and a nice double chin. When she laughed, what she did a lot, she had small dimples in her plump cheeks.
He decided that he had to get to know her better. She was definitely the biggest woman he had seen on his trip yet and he longed to press his hands deep into her soft flesh.
So he asked her if she could take a photo of him and as a thank you invited them to a drink.
He found out that they were from the town so that they could explain everything they passed by. They had a great time and when he asked where he could go for dinner they had several proposals.
One sounded very tempting for him, A tapas restaurant on the beach.  So he invited them to join him.
The younger one had to go home but his favourite one accepted his invitation if the invitation would still be open for one.He assured her that he was delighted to have her as his sole company.They agreed that she would fetch him with her car at the hotel.
Punctually he was standing in front of his hotel. And he didn't need to wait long. They had to drive out of the town to the beach, which allowed him to secretely watch his driver. Her belly that was jiggling with every pothole was nearly touching the steering wheel. The seatbelt cutting deep into her soft rolls and breasts. Her hips were overflowing the seat. J didn't pay great attention where they drove ... only his beautiful driver.
At the parking space she asked him to get out of the car before she parked so that there was the maximum space on her side . She turned around and with a swing backwards move heaved herself out of the car.
Then they slowly walked to the restaurant. She was moving particularly slowly, but he didn't mind. It allowed him to take in her ample figure.
The way led down over two sets of stairs, which she took even more slowly, to a beautiful beach with fine white sand, The restaurant had a big wooden terrace leading onto the beach.
He wanted to sit outside, but she was very hesitant, declaring that the chairs were looking quite small and with the armrests she doubted that she would fit in. She tried one out and he could clearly see how uncomfortable it was. She fit in, but her thighs were cut in by the armrest squeezing far out under it.  She could barely move and reaching the table would be difficult too.
So he asked her to wait a moment and he would look for a suitable seating.
Luckily he found a free bench around the corner, Blushing she apologized for the proplems she caused, but he reassured her that there was no problem at all.
When they were finally seated he told her how stunning she looked. She didn't believe him and told him that she thought he was interested in her friend and that she was too fat to get the interest of a good looking man like him.
He declared that he was especially attracted by her full figure and her self confident behavior. She wasn't really convinced, but during the evening she seemed to open up more and more.
It was a great evening and they found out that they had a lot in common.
So they decided to go to another beach the next day.
When they went back to the car, he was able to admire her big bottom moving up and down when she walked up the stairs. She needed a break in the middle which he used to tell her how great she looked from behind.
He had the impression that her back was swaying even more to tease him on the last steps. On the last step she turned around and smiled impishly, asking "did you like that?"
Before they got into the car he thanked her for the nice evening and asked if he could give her a hug. She felt as good as he imagined the whole day. So soft everywhere, he could feel the rolls on her side, her belly and ample breasts pressing against him.. Reluctantly he let her go, telling her how much he was looking forward to the next day.
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Fat Fiji 1 month
Your superb writing makes the reader feel like they are right there in the moment with your characters!
Peterfatboy 1 month
Totally awesome how the beauty of the woman is described. Her female attraction on Jay is more than 100 percent identical to my feelings. Nothing hotter and sexier than a woman of this size 😍
BigAdmirer 1 year
Very nice story :-)