Merry christmas again

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Chapter 1 - ho ho ho

Santa smiled. His work was done. Finally he was on his way home to the North Pole and his wife. He was looking forward to a long sleep in his cozy bed after that long day sitting on the sleigh. And maybe a nice belly rub (and something else perhaps) from Mrs. Claus.

And he was glad that he could bring back his wife a Christmas present. She would be so surprised.

Smiling, he remembered the last year. Luckily the elves built a new improved sleigh for him. It was much bigger and reinforced to suit his abundant physique. Since he was married he added a lot of weight to his already imposing figure, as Mrs. Claus had proven quite the good cook and was always encouraging him to eat more.

He had to admit that it was getting harder and harder to do his everyday job, supervising the elves and organizing everything. As he got bigger and bigger he found it really hard to walk around through every department to look after everything. Sure, the elves were doing a great job, but still he was the boss and should show his presence and caring to them. So the elves built a kind of railway for him.. He could sit in his customized, wide and comfortable chair, spreading his legs to give room for his enormous paunch.

He only had to push the start button and he was able to travel around the whole North Pole, leaning back in his arm chair.. If necessary, he could even change it to a recliner where a footrest would come up.

Of course he needed again a totally new outfit because he outgrew his old one. He now had an impressive 120 inch waist.

The elves and of course his wife, too, were proud of their very impressive Santa. But still he thought that his wife would be glad when he would tell her that he intended to retire, now that he found the appropriate Santa to succeed him. Sure, the new guy was a bit skinny, probably around 300 kg, but Santa was confident he would grow into the job in no time.

Everything went like normal on this last Christmas. Obviously it was helpful that he could use the Santa magic to work. He wouldn't have been able to fit in any chimney even when he started the job years ago, much less now. Nowadays he isn't even able to sit in the chairs people are putting in front of the chimneys for him to rest -- he'd reduce them to splinters! And it's been that way for years now, only worse now that he has taken Mrs. Claus as his bride ...

So everything went well and his thoughts were occupied by his ride home and the well-earned holidays he would took after New Year, going on a cruise with his wife into the Caribbean. Those all inclusive cruises are great and he looked forward to packing on some more weight from all the food and drink. And, of course, the Mrs. was always so amorous on those cruises ...

So he was quite shocked when he plopped out of the chimney and found another Santa sitting there, munching on his cookies and drinking his milk!

The other Santa was even more shocked to see a bigger fatter Santa emerging through the chimney. He tried to hide the last morsels of the cookies and and stammered "Ahm, sorry, I didn't expect you to come and thought it would be a waste to throw away the cookies ... and the children would be disappointed if they still would have been there in the morning....."

The faux Santa was clad in a cheap Santa costume. His cap and his false beard and hairs were laying beside him.

He was looking not bad for a fake Santa. He had the right figure with a soft big belly which covered his whole lap and a nice smile as well as a deep voice. He would certainly be able to play a Santa if you didn't know the original one.

"Excuse my bad manners, would you like something else to eat?" he offered Santa."There are a lot of leftovers from dinner in the fridge. take a seat please," he offered.

Santa noticed that there was indeed a chair big enough to accomodate him, probably normally occupied by his counterpart. So he gladly accepted the offer. "I have to admit that I'm a bit hungry after that long day and something more substantial than cookies would be very welcome."

"Okay. I'll be right back" said the fake Santa and heaved his heavy body up from the sofa he was sitting on. After some minutes he came back breathless, carrying a tray loaded with 2 plates, more milk and a big plate full of turkey, stuffing and gravy. "I hope you don't mind if I join you", he asked. "I'm still a bit hungry."

"Oh no, I'd like some company, it has been a lonely day for me, just me and the reindeer. But won't your family wonder where all the food has gone?," Santa questioned.

"They will think it was me, as usual," answered his new friend. "As you can imagine it takes a lot of food to maintain my girlish figure" he laughed in a deep bass. "But I think you know what I mean," he said with a glance at Santa's much bigger gut.

"Oh yes, I know, with all the cookies and the milk, and then the wonderfull food my wife serves at home, well I just can't hold back." Santa was admitting while he dug heartily into the plate loaded with all that delicious food.

"So what's your name, and why are you clad like me?" Santa started the conversation.

"Well, my name is Nic, and I played the Santa for my sister's children" was the answer. "My sister told me that I should make good use of that big gut. She said I would for sure be a much better Santa than she would be able to rent. And according to the gleaming faces of the kids I did a good job."

"Hhmmm," a thought was building up in Santas mind, "can you give me a Ho Ho Ho and a Merry Christmas to all? Just to get an impression how you did it?" Santa requested.

"Oh I didn't want to brag, but if you insist, Ho Ho Ho and a Merry Christmas" said Nic with his full deep sonorous voice.

Santa was quite impressed. That sounded really original.

"So what do you do for a living Nic?" he investigated further.

Nic blushed a bit and confessed "I lost my job some time ago due to cost-cutting measures, but I can't find a new one, because they say I'm too fat."

"You're not fat at all!" reacted Santa indignantly." I'm much bigger than you and I'm only well-fed."

"What kind of work would you like?" he querried further.

"I'd like to work at anything that I'm capable of doing. Surely it must be considered that I'm not so agile anymore,"explained Nic.

"Would you like to move to the North?" was Santa's next question.

Nic smiled "I'd like to live in the North. It's much more comfortable in the summer as you well know yourself."
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