Merry christmas

Chapter 1 - ho ho ho

It was again this time of the year.

Niklas had to go to work today. Everything was prepared. The reindeer were well fed and nicely groomed and adorned with little bells. The sleigh was polished. The elves had worked very hard to reconstruct it to make room for his increasing girth.

Luckily they had insisted on a sitting rehearsal in September when they noticed that their boss had gotten rounder and rounder since Mrs. Santa moved in.

He always lost weight during working time, despite all the cookies and the milk, he got everywhere. It was a very long day with hard work. And he always needed the whole year to regain his strength and imposing figure.

But this year, with the loving help of his wife he recovered much faster. So he had regained all his weight by the summer and in fall it was clear that there would be much more of him by Christmas.

It didn't bother him at all and his wife loved his striking frame. So he indulged in all the delicious food she created for him.

Sure, he noticed that his casual clothes got a bit tight, but they were soon replaced by the elves. Walking around was getting more strenious, too. He huffed and puffed a lot when he had to waddle to the toy construction shop. There he needed to sit down because he was so winded. But he had been doing that job for such a long time he thought even a Santa would get a bit older with the time.

So he was taken aback when the elves mentioned the need of a rehearsal for the first time. He was sitting in his recliner thinking about their request, softly stroking his vast belly, when he noticed how far it was overflowing his lap. Maybe, the elves were right. So he complied with their request.

On the rehearsal day he was quite shocked when he realized how difficult it was to heave his bulk up the 2 steps of the sleigh. The elves had to cling on the other side, otherwise it would have toppled over under Santa's now enormous weight. And when he finally managed to heave himself into the sleigh, there was no way for him to sit down. His enormous belly wouldn't fit behind the front banister. And even if he had some belly clearance, it was clear that all of Mrs. Claus's treats had made his ass too wide to fit in the seat.

The elves assured the Big Man that that wouldn't be a problem. They took his measurements to make sure everything would fit on Christmas Day and completely rebuilt the sleigh to fit their more obese than ever boss.

So today was the day. Mrs Santa served him a big breakfast in bed, with lots of hot cocoa, scrambled eggs and bacon, pancakes with syrup and all the delicacies he enjoyed so much, to feed him well for his long journey.

Then she helped him to sit up and to put on his underwear. She put on his warm stockings as it was so hard for him to bend over nowadays. He put on his oversized longsleeves himself. He thought that he probably looked like a rolled roast in that tight garment. He never noticed before how many fat rolls he had developed which were now outlined by the clinging fabric.

Then his wife had to help him again with his long johns. She put his feet in place, before she helped him to lift up his body to be able to pull up the enormous drawers over his belly patting him lovingly on his protruding front.

She put his house shoes in front of him, as he couldn't see over that mountain of flesh in front of him. Then he waddled over to the dressing room.

He had to sidle through the bedroom door, and got stuck momentarily, but once in the great hall there was enough room for him, that he didn't bump into something. Luckily all the ceremonial rooms had double doors, which the elves hurried up to open for him.

He was slowly making his way, breathing heavily, his belly swaying madly from one side to the other with each step.

In wise foresight the elves had built a new wider bench for him to sit down comfortably. Although he still had to spread his enormous thighs to make place for his giant paunch.

The elves put his feet into his new red velvet trousers. With the help of several of them they got him to stand up, so that they could pull up the magical enhanced trousers.

They attached the broad strong suspenders to hold them in place.

With a sigh, which made even the reinforced bench crack with anguish, he plopped down again.

Then they put his huge black boots on his feet. They were custom made of a very soft leather after they measured his sturdy calves. The elves heaved him up again to put on the heavy red velvet coat with the hems of white fur.

To complete his outfit they brought the wide black leatherbelt. It was new too. Like his complete costume it had been too small in September. Since then he gained at least 30 kg, so there had to be 2 elves to carry his 120-inch-belt.

Of course he didn't need it so big. There was still one notch left. It had the elves placing bets on how big a belt their boss would need next year.

He left the changing room through the doors to the reindeer stall. All the elves were assembled and applauded him frantically. Santa never looked so stunning and imposing before.

He waved to them and waddled to his beautiful chubby wife. They hugged and kissed tenderly.

"I'm so proud of you!" Mrs. Santa whispered in his ear. "Hurry up, to be back soon. Here is some travelling fare for you. You will need something substantial besides all the cookies."

The sleigh was loaden high with all the presents. Niklas was looking forward to sit on the box as his back and feet were hurting from all the walking and standing.

Fortunately he didn't need to walk a lot on his job. It was mostly a sitting job. He only had to go up and down magically through the chimneys. Thankfully that part was covered by magic otherwise it wood have been impossible for him to work at all.

So he waved one last time to everybody and started to climb on the sleigh. With the help of some elves pushing him up and others to balance the sleigh he eventually achieved his goal and squeezed himself into the seat. Spreading his legs wide apart he let his belly drop down between them, making himself as comfortable as possible. He occupied nearly the whole width of the seat, his belly still touching the railing in front of him.

His thoughts quickly turned to what his loving wife would have for him to eat when he returned from his worldwide journey. If she keeps this up, he thought, next year I'll need a new sleigh.

But then his thoughts returned to the job at hand and with a loud baritone Ho Ho Ho he took off...
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FrecherTyp 9 years
hehe a lovely story for christmas times :-) and i somehow love mrs. santa and her very good sewing elves ^^ ;-)
Pd500 9 years
Loving this! Mrs. Clause is quite a lovely wife.